Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A drum roll por favor, Tito...!


A belated addition to my blogroll:  Andrew Bostom's blog, the enigmatically titled Uncreated, Uncreative Words.

I've liked Bostom's style for years (though once back in 2009 I did detect an asymptotic twinge in his analysis -- but then, what analyst has been able to escape Hesperado's asymptotic laser?). Over the years from 2010 on, I've also published a few notices now and then about the odd rift between Bostom and Robert Spencer -- which hearteningly seemed to have been healed this past spring (though there has been no mention since March on Jihad Watch or elsewhere as far as I know of any further collaboration between those old friends).

At any rate, I don't know why I've been remiss about putting Bostom's blog up on my blogroll.  He's a welcome voice in the still inchoate Anti-Islam Movement, often providing detailed analyses that correct erroneous tendencies within that Movement -- such as, for example, his recent essays on the fallacies in Robert Reilly's grandiose assumptions about an Islamic Golden Age; or his unflagging support of Diana West (when most other Counter-Jihad bigwigs have kept silent about the shabby treatment David Horowitz gave her); or his attention-calling to the disturbing Islamic ideology of the Egyptian general who ousted President Morsi, underscoring the dubiously fishy "secularism" of that coup and its attendant popular enthusiasm among the Egyptian People.

So, without further to-do, we welcome... Andrew Bostom!

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