Saturday, September 21, 2013

More thoughts on the Diana West imbroglio, brouhaha, kerfuffle, hubbub, polemics, fracas, feud, brouillerie, tracasserie...

Let us keep in mind that the crux of the whole matter is Ronald Radosh's review of Diana West's book, American Betrayal, in which Radosh indulged in a slew of outrageously surreal mischaracterizations of West's book.  Closely related to this has been the perversely and grotesquely obstinant defense of Radosh by David Horowitz.

With this in mind, the following thought thinks itself:

When you want to infiltrate in order to subvert a complex powerful system, sometimes you need to do it from the inside, through pretending you are part of that system's defense.  Even if there may be many forces assailing that system, that doesn't necessarily remove the need for specialized deep-cover infiltration.  Sometimes a system is so complex and powerful, the enemy realizes they need to pull out all the stops and leave no stone unturned.

Thus, while we have the modern West assailed by a dominant PC MC culture, the enemies of the West would not necessarily rest on their laurels and say, "Okay, we can relax now, it looks like we'll be able to take over the West now."  No; if they were rational, they would see that the achievement of the dominance of PC MC throughout the West, while definitely an encouraging trend, does not mean the job is over and they can relax.  Much more needs to be done, because the West remains standing unconquered, even though it may be riddled with the fissures and cracks of a deep corrosion of its virtues and values.

In this context, the coup de grace will likely only be delivered through an ultra-stealth operation of the deepest cover of all:  the patient infiltration, over a long period of time -- even decades -- of various individuals who pretend to be defenders of the West and who in that capacity pretend to be against PC MC and against Leftism.  I.e., only by having double agents within the very forces that are defending the West's traditional values will the infiltration and the sabotage have a chance (at least in the minds of the enemy) of being truly successful.

And the role par excellence of the double agent in this regard would include, precisely, the activities of being

1) ostensibly anti-Communist


2) ostensibly anti-Islam.

That, to me, is the best way to explain the surreal behaviors of Horowitz and Radosh with regard to the meticulously documented inferences about Communist infiltration which Diana West has brought to light; for just as Nature abhors a vacuum, so too do sociopolitical phenomena abhor the surreal.

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John Dietrich said...

"With the purpose of merciless destruction the revolutionary may and often must live in society, pretending to be something he is not. The revolutionary must penetrate everywhere: into the highest and the middle classes; into the merchant’s store; into the church; into the mansions of the aristocrat; into the worlds of bureaucracy, the military and literature. Our task is terrible, complete, universal and merciless destruction.” - Nechaev, Sergei