Sunday, February 23, 2014

A different kind of war

The current World War (either Three or Four, depending on whether one numbers the Cold War) is an unprecedented type of war for many reasons -- not the least of which being that one side, the Witless West, doesn't fully realize (and/or is continuing to repress in denial) that it is, in fact, at war.

Among the other qualities that make it so grandly peculiar is the one that does have an interesting precedent:  the tendency to "fight the last war", which characterized the first two World Wars.  I have written at some length about this, and other related facets of this problem, in an older essay,The Four World Wars: An Interesting Dynamic.

Today, I only want to explore the aforementioned quality, which occurred to me anew when a Jihad Watch reader wrote the following in a comment there:

“Muslims repeatedly state that they are at War with non-Muslims. We steadfastly refuse to accept that Declaration of War against us from Muslims.”

The West refuses to accept that declaration of war because the West remains deceived by the Stealth wing of the Jihad, by which a majority of Muslims pretend to be non-violent and relatively un-fanatical about their religion. Sure, they don’t pretend very convincingly to (most of) us Jihad Watchers, and often in various ways (e.g., in surveys and polls) they reveal the sinister face from behind a slipping mask in between the lines. But so far, it has worked for them, because the majority of Western people desperately do not want to believe the horrible truth, that some 900 million Muslims constitute a diverse global army waging a multifarious war against us as a global revival of Pan-Islam coalesces in historically unprecedented proportions in this our 21st century.

Another unique feature of their warfare against us, directly related to the Stealth Jihad mentioned above: it involves behaviors and tactics that seem benign, and only push the envelope (relatively) mildly, in the guise of “minority rights”, exploiting our White Western shame and phobia at being “racist” (the worst crime in the eyes of Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism), and accompanied by a massive influx of immigration into the West -- the Dar-al-Harb and Dar-al-Hijra to Muslims -- never before seen in all history since Islam began 1400 years ago.

This particular tactic Muslims deploy is acutely ironic, for it conjures up in our “correctly” haunted minds the memory of the Holocaust and other similar “genocides” (of the American Indian for Americans; of various primitives of the Third World for Europeans still fretting about their Colonialist past), and relentlessly puts up interference against anyone who calls dire attention and concerns to the problem of Muslims—casting them as potential victims of our perennially and intrinsically wicked propensity to actualize our supposedly innate White Western Racism against these poor, precious masses of Brown People only streaming into our lands to find a “better life”. This with acute and cunning irony out-Orwells Orwell in portraying what are in fact an army of Brown Hitlers as Innocent Victims, and what are in fact Innocent Victims as Potential White Hitlers itching to “do it all over again”—now against the New Jews, the Muslims.

This is not my portrayal—it is how Muslim apologists slyly frame the whole issue; and how our majority of guillible, naive, politically correct dupes in the West go right along with this narrative, thus with sincere eyebrows arching self-righteously in ethical narcissism over Wilsonianly starry eyes bruised like abused housewives behind the rose-colored glasses of Denial, enabling our mortal enemies.

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