Tuesday, February 04, 2014

"But Turkey is secular..."


One of the veteran Jihad Watch Softies wrote recently about modern Turkey:

“...the system that Ataturk constructed, while indeed being secular, was more autocratic than it was democratic...”

Of course it was autocratic. With a Demos as diseased as Muslims tend to be (given their diseased culture of Islam), a Muslim-majority polity cannot sociopolitically practice basic human rights without imposing them upon a people who do not want them (i.e., Muslims).

And for those Counter-Jihad Softies who may pop out like the Pillsbury Doughboy to insist that the majority of Turks are “secular” (just as they’d likely insist the same about the “Persian People” if not also the majority of “secular Egyptians”), I’d have them heed the words of this Turkish woman—a nun who fled Turkey to live in Germany:  Hatune Dogan is a Turkish-German Orthodox Christian nun. She grew up in Turkey, now lives in Germany. She travels widely (she recently toured the Middle East bravely to see with her own eyes the persecution of Christians by Muslims). In this video, she describes her experiences in Turkey, and at one point, she says:

“The Turkish people are the most fanatic there is… To others — when they speak — it’s secular, liberal, European rights, but when they act, it’s the most fanatic people on earth.”

Watch it all.

I’d trust the words of Sister Hatune over a Counter-Jihad Softy any day.

P.S.:  As for the autocratic government at the helm of Turkey, heir to Ataturk's vision to modernize Turkey, this excellent, deeply detailed discussion between Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom, exposing the ominous failure of that secularist experiment over the decades (and only getting worse in our time), is indispensable.

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