Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Jihad of the Mask

Concerning a recent report put up on Jihad Watch about an Indian Muslim who made a film about how the Koran is peaceful, only to be greeted with violent threats from his co-religionists, my thoughts:

Once, again we have Good Cop/Bad Cop (or “Good Mo/Bad Mo”). The Muslims attacking this film-maker will be deemed to be part of the TMOE (Tiny MInority of Extremists), thus endowing the film-maker with respectability and further reinforcing the notion the West continues to indulge that Islam is largely peaceable (and where it has rough edges, don’t all religions? What about the Crusades? e.f.c.) and that the vast majority of Muslims are our secular partners (or desperately want to be Wilsonianly assimilated if only we will open our arms and embrace them).

I.e., Ajaz Khan, the film-maker, is himself engaging in the one jihad that endangers the non-Muslim world but which has many forms — in his case, it is not jihad of the sword (jihad bil saif), or even of the pen (jihad bil qalam) or tongue (jihad bil lisan), the "struggle against the self" (jihad bil nafs -- probably better translated, once we factor in the pneumopathology of Islam, as the "struggle to suppress the conscience") or any number of other flavors of jihad Mohammedanism has come up with. The jihad of this Muslim claiming the Koran is peaceful is, rather, the Jihad bil Qna: “Jihad of the Mask”—Stealth Jihad.

I don't know if Muslims have ever thought of the idea of this special kind of jihad, thus endowing their tactic of deception (taqiyya and kitman) with a formal name, but they certainly should get on the ball and do so (though they'd have to find a way around the appearance of bid'a ("innovation") which is illegal under Sharia law) -- for it is not only a very prevalent form of jihad in this epoch of the global revival of Islam, it is probably the most crucial for their long-range desideratum to bring down "Rome" (i.e., the West).

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