Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pride and Prejudice


There is a point where a mountain of data and an ocean of dots screaming to be connected motivates the rational man to draw a reasonable inference—and to commit to the judgement of that inference. Here, in the Counter-Jihad (someday hopefully to become an actual Anti-Islam Movement), “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers” and sisters know (or should know, by now) that mountain and that ocean—the mountain daily looming larger like a volcano, the ocean daily burgeoning beyond its bourn with tidal waves; and it behooves us to move rationally to the next step and commit to the judgement that is, precisely, a pre-judgement. I.e., to treat the inference, because reasonable (cf. the aforementioned mountain and ocean), as a judgement.

I know this will insidiously itch and rankle those in the Counter-Jihad who still suffer from signs and symptoms of the PC MC virus (even if only in the form of a scratchy throat, a few sniffles, a dry cough, a slight fever), but we need to have, and to hold, prejudice against all Muslims.

Not because we know enough to condemn them all equally as being a deadly and pernicious sociopolitical & ideological demographic—but rather because that aforementioned mountain and ocean indicate preponderantly that to do otherwise, and to give Muslims the benefit of the doubt which we reasonably give to any other people on Earth, would endanger our society in lethal ways—mass murders, destruction of property and social dislocations—now and increasingly as the decades unfold in this 21st century: our children’s, grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s lives and beyond.  We know (or should infer by now) that the logic of Jihad, already undergoing a global revival in our time, will not stop until it has ruined all of civilization.


When I wrote the above as a comment at Jihad Watch, a no-nonsense Jihad Watcher responded:

I don’t give the benefit of the doubt to Nazis or KKK members, why should I give the benefit of the doubt to anyone of an equally disgusting and vile ideology, that of pisslam?

A sallutary response, although one that seems oblivious to that other mountain and other ocean out there that continues to interfere with our perception of the first mountain and ocean—namely, PC MC, which remains dominant and mainstream throughout the entire West; and according to which such a comparison as being made between Muslims, and Nazis or KKK is forever stymied by various factors.

Nazis and KKK number very few as a tiny minority, are concentrated in only a few countries, and are by now marginal and not doing any damage nor threatening much for the future. In addition, the vast majority in the West agrees that they are pernicious.

Muslims number hundreds of millions all over the world in nearly every country on the planet. In addition, the majority throughout the West continues to indulge the mush of thought-and-feeling that tends to want to defend Muslims in the name of protecting “diversity” and defending against “bigotry”. The principle I outlined in my previous comment—the need for the West to adopt prejudice against all Muslims, is extremely vulnerable to charges of “bigotry” and most even in the Counter-Jihad would shrink back from it like shrinking violets, timid and anxious lest they anger the PC MCs who dominate in their culture all around them (or who even lurk more insidiously, psychologically within their hearts and minds as internal censors against thought crimes). Indeed, my principle would be seen by most in the mainstream—and by a few even within the Counter-Jihad—as ominously indicative of the evils of precisely the Nazis and KKK.

Meanwhile, some of the precious few in the Counter-Jihad who would embrace my principle may do it a bit too juicily and wholeheartedly, revealing glimpses of a slipped mask of Breivikian jingoism.

In her book and her speeches, the great Oriana Fallaci urged the West to recover their "Rage and Pride".  I wholeheartedly agree with her; and go further to recommend that we inform that Pride with reason leading us to Prejudice.

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