Saturday, April 05, 2014

Well, it's been another quiet week in Lake Mobegone...

The photo accompanying this week's news from Lake Mobegone is meant, of course, to convey the comic in "tragicomic", as well as the contortion of exasperation and outrage that overcomes us when our comedy of life becomes inflected by the appalling tragedy of the West's unconscionable dereliction of civic (and civilizational) duty with respect to the ongoing human rights catastrophe caused by Muslims following Islam.

Muslim cleric extols “Palestinian” women who “have surpassed all women of the world in jihad”

Hamas jihadists to preach Friday sermons in Gaza’s mosques

US envoy Samantha Power decries “religiously motivated violence” in Africa, doesn’t mention jihad in Nigeria

Cameroon: Two priests and a nun kidnapped

Nigeria: Jihad-martyrdom suicide bombers murder 15 in oil field attack

Lithuania: Muslima acquitted of jihad-martyrdom suicide plot, although she expressed intention to commit jihad murder

Malaysia bans “Noah” film as un-Islamic

Kenya: Muslim cleric arrested with hand grenades

Thailand: Muslims “strike terror into the enemies of Allah” with new spate of burnings and beheadings

UK: Muslim London-area mayor accuses BBC of “racism” and “Islamophobia” over corruption charges

Pakistan: Christian couple sentenced to death for blasphemy for texts they didn’t send

Former Arsenal footballer joins Syria jihad, calls on Muslims in West to join him

Kenya: Muslim enters church, screams “Allahu akbar,” murders six people

UK secondary school “infiltrated by Muslim extremists” praises al-Awlaki during assemblies

Canada: Muslim pathologist knew he was funding jihad terror, says prosecutor

Afghan policeman screams “Allahu akbar,” murders AP photographer

UK opens inquiry into Muslim charity after volunteer poses with jihadis

Political scientist: “We will see a battle of apocalyptic dimensions…dialogue is a waste of time”

Austria to introduce law that respects Islamic Sharia and invites imams to preach at public institutions

Holland: Critics of Geert Wilders demonstrate with jihadi war-banner

Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim Cleric Urges Destitute Women to Become Sex-Slaves

Bangladesh: Hindu temple set on fire

Recent cases highlight terror threat from Muslim soldiers

Muslim Brotherhood to UK: Please don’t investigate us

China: Buddhist monks training to defend against jihad terror attacks

(Robert Spencer notes:  One certainty: if these monks ever did have to defend themselves against a jihad attack, the international media would portray their defense as Buddhist violence against Muslims, and the global “human rights community” would issue indignant condemnations of the brutalization of Muslims.)

Robert Spencer at Breitbart: How Many Fort Hood-Style Jihad Attacks Must There Be?

UK: Would-be jihad mass murderer complains about having to wear electronic tag

Nigerian cardinal criticizes role of Sharia, says Muslim leaders must “rein in their mad dogs”

Iran: British woman jailed for “insulting Islamic sanctities,” in danger of execution

Canada’s former ambassador to Afghanistan says Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism

Senior broadcaster for VOA is former Afghan jihadist; says West should “reintegrate” Syria jihadists

US appeals ruling granting defense in Chicago jihad terrorism case to see secret-court documents

Brunei under Sharia will deny Christians religious freedom: “There will be no baptisms. There is not a lot we can do about it.”

Ahmadinejad urges Iranians to “raise the flag of martyrs over the White House”

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood student shoots Christian teacher in the head

Army jihadi: “I cannot wait to go the Prophet Muhammad’s(S) door and prank Isa bin Maryam and party so hard that it will rock Jannah to its core”

Army jihadi: “I will soon be leaving you forever so goodbye! I am going to wage jihad and hopes that i die.”

FBI backtracks: Muslim ex-Army recruit plotting “Ft. Hood-inspired jihad” not a threat

White House curbs major counterterrorism drill designed to test response to car bombs and chemical weapons strike

Interfaith outreach in Syria: Islamic jihadists desecrate church, smash icons and statues

Weeks after welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into the UK, Cameron orders them investigated for “links to extremism”

Vienna: Muslim vandalizes four churches after listening to Islamic chants

Interfaith outreach in Nigeria: Enraged Muslims set fire to Catholic church over alleged insult to Muhammad

Saudi Arabia declares atheists terrorists, sets 20 years prison for criticism of Islam

When it comes to rapes, Islamized Sweden is already in a state of war

Denmark: Muslim gang attacks police in Muslim-dominated area

Denmark: 41 percent of all Somali men were convicted of crimes in 2012

German law changed to accommodate Sharia funeral rules

Synagogue attacked in Muslim-dominated Malmø, Sweden

Raymond Ibrahim: Muslim Brotherhood Slaughters Christian Woman

“Palestinians” give Kerry 24 hours to force Israelis to free jihad murderers

Afghanistan: Taliban attack US NGO ‘Roots of Peace’ guesthouse in Kabul; all 5 jihadists killed

U.S. taxpayers to spend $400,000 for a camel sculpture in Pakistan

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood protesters drag Christian woman from car, stab her 16 times, strangle her to death

Kenya: Islamic jihadists murder at least five with grenade blast at bus stop and food stall in Nairobi during evening rush hour

UK: Muslim prisoner tried to start Islamic uprising in prison after jihad murder of Lee Rigby

Afghanistan: Seven Islamic jihadists blown up while making bombs inside a mosque

Robert Spencer at PJ Lifestyle: 5 Things the National Guard Jihadist Wants You to Know About Islam

Pakistan: Female legislator opposes domestic violence bill, says it would Westernize Pakistani society

Central African Republic: Ten dead as Chadian troops fire on Christian civilians

“We will enter churches and slaughter Christians…We are calling on all Muslims to come out and fight jihad”

Nigeria: 21 dead as Islamic jihadists attempt jailbreak

Terrorism theories grow as international security services join search for flight MH370

Brunei’s Sultan to impose Sharia this week, complete with stonings and amputations

U.S. blocks Christian governor from Nigeria peace talks

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters attack church, four dead

U.S. official accuses Kuwaiti Minister of Islamic Affairs of funding terrorism

Egypt: Two Muslim Brotherhood supporters sentenced for throwing 9-year-old from roof

New moderate Iran names 1979 U.S. Embassy hostage-taker its UN envoy

UK: Jihadist who trained 7/7 jihad bomber sets up Islamic primary school

Egypt: Christian murdered because of cross tattoo

Ireland: Judge who said “Muslims feel they can actually beat their wives” apologizes and asks forgiveness for “incorrect” remark

Sharia in action in Syria: Jihadists kill, crucify man for “purposely killing a Muslim to take his money”

Nigeria: Over three million people facing humanitarian crisis because of Islamic jihad

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