Thursday, April 03, 2014

Asymmetrical World War

A world war is happening now.

This world war is asymmetrical.

Its asymmetry is singular, if not unique, compared with the last two (or three, if counting the Cold War) world wars, and compared with all wars in world history.

The features of its assymetry:

What World War?

1) One side of this world war does not yet realize it is at war.  The other side knows quite well that it is waging a war.

Still Fighting the Last War

2) One side is astronomically superior to the other side in terms of military and paramilitary capability, yet because the superior side remains focused on conceiving of the next world war in conventional military terms, it cannot see the unconventional tactics and strategy of its enemy.

PC MC and the Stealth Jihad

3) One side is astronomically superior to the other side in terms of ethical superiority -- but this very same ethical superiority has morphed into an irrational form of politically correct multiculturalist Tolerance, which enables the other side to exploit its unconventional strategy of stealth war, including a massive stealth infiltration "hidden in plain sight", through immigration and false assimilation.

Western Guilt, Shameless Muslims

4) Closely related to asymmetry #3, one side has for many decades cultivated a historical and cultural guilt and shame about its own history and its civilizational values, while the other side is blithely unapologetic and even brazenly proud of its own history and cultural values, without a shred or trace of any of the guilt or shame which the white West routinely indulges.  This becomes doubly ironic -- and doubly asymmetrical -- in that our side represents a remarkably humane, productive and beautiful civilization (with the usual litany of warts and flaws that only means we're not perfect), while our enemy represents an anti-civilization built upon, promoting, and practicing outrageous violations of human rights.

A "Police Action", Not a War

5) Meanwhile, as the other side assiduously and fanatically pursues its parallel strategy of paramilitary violence in the form of terrorism, our side refuses to recognize that this strategy is part of a war against it, and stubbornly persists in defining it as a non-military species of disturbance practiced by a Tiny Minority of Extremists who have nothing to do with the vast diverse global Army whence they pullulate.  This particular asymmetry enables and reinforces asymmetry #3, through an elaborate Good Cop/Bad Cop situation (which, of course, requires for its success an asymmetry of Deceit/Gullibility, symbiotic with the asymmetries #1 and #2).

One Side Plays Fair, the Other Doesn't

6) In keeping with its vastly superior ethics, one side has a tradition of Just War and of an ongoing amelioration of the horrors and unfairness of war, while the other side cultivates a barbaric code of war augmented by a psychopathic fanaticism, meanwhile also cloaked by deception (i.e., stealth jihad -- see #1, 2 and 5).

The Casus Belli

7) The two sides have profoundly differing definitions of what constitutes a casus belli (i.e., the actions of a nation that for another nation justifies going to war against them).  In this world war we are in, our side frames any casus belli in three ways: as either a military invasion launched against us; a sponsorship of terrorism directed against our soil; and/or as an egregious act of genocide.  Our enemy, however, has its own casus belli, utterly unlike ours, grounded in Islamic texts:  the Islamic casus belli is not occasional, it is permanent for all time.  The declaration of war against the world which Mohammed pronounced in the 7th century has never stopped -- it has only been put on pause now and then, here and there, depending on relative strengths and weaknesses Muslims have perceived themselves to have.  The reason for this casus belli is simple, elegant, and shocking:  Muslims have been commanded by Allah and His Prophet Muhammad to wage war against all people who refuse to submit to Allah and His Prophet Muhammad, for all time. 

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A very astute and deadly accurate summation of the current state of affairs.