Saturday, June 21, 2014

More on our asymmetrical war

One of the asymmetries of the world war we are in (aside from the most glaring one -- the asymmetry of our enemy knowing, with a vengeance, that it's a world war, while we remain blithely oblivious to it) is a perversely paradoxical one dovetailed like some kind of grotesque Mobius strip:

Simply put, the two pairs are:

1) Our superiority in terms of power (and in terms of the cultural health that helps to grow true and stable sociopoltical and military power)

 2) Their inferiority (same parenthetical elucidation as above, in reverse)

1a) Our Useful Idiocy unwittingly helping them (enormously) in their war against us

2a) Their fanatically clear-eyed enmity against us under no delusions of any hope of any kind of real harmony or cooperation with us (but plenty of feigned, deceitful shows of harmony and cooperation and assimilation).

The fuller explanation of the above:

We are stupendously more powerful than they are (with our superiority contextualized by a superiority in both technological and cultural infrastructure, reflecting the astronomically healthier societies we cultivate (sans the usual litany of imperfections that all societies have which in this regard should remain unmentioned since they are not only irrelevant but tend to foster and reinforce our morbidly irrational cultivation of an Ego Quoque -- ironically, the one imperfection we have which should be mentioned in this regard as highly relevant so that we may begin the process of curing ourselves of it and its larger paradigm, the ridiculous fashion of PC MC), while they are stupendously inferior to us in every way one can measure cultural superiority and inferiority (technological, scientific, philosophical, religious, political, cultural, legal, moral, psychological, sociological).

In this situation of asymmetrical power dynamics, we are doing virtually everything we can, stupidly and unwittingly, to handicap ourselves while helping our enemy:  Stupidly and unwittingly, we continue to enable their stealth jihad infiltration and invasion which are necessary prerequisites for their ability to stand a chance of horribly damaging our infrastructure and mass-murdering perhaps millions of us in various terror attacks in various different cities, using various types of WMDs, over the coming decades -- meanwhile they are cultivating the opposite mentality against us: a viciously unapologetic hatred and belligerence against us (combined, of course, with deceptively harmless taqiyya, which we gullibly and unwittingly swallow; cf. supra).

Further Reading:

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