Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Civil War of Ideas (Part Two)
A while back, I penned and published an essay here titled "A Civil War of Ideas (Part One)".

It was a long and detailed essay, and I had planned on writing a Part Two, but every time I tried, I realized there's not much left to say on the matter.

Basically, it's this simple:

To prevent untold casualties -- perhaps in the millions -- inflicted by Muslims in various terror plots in the decades ahead, the West needs to wake up to the deadly problem of Islam. 

It will only wake up either:

1) through a process of education & persuasion, galvanized by the small (but slowly growing) nucleus of those who have woken up to the problem, to wake up the pleasantly sleepwalking majority around them in the West;


2) through a process of metastasizing terror fomented and galvanized by a growing global revival of  Muslims, spearheaded by those who have immigrated/infiltrated into the West, which will most certainly wreak horrific mayhem & misery throughout the entire West, if not nearly destroy her.

Or, perhaps more likely, a combination of #1 and #2 -- where #2 is not a certainty in one imaginable worst-case scenario, but whose horrors could be minimized in many ways, to many degrees.  Surely, we should hope and work toward such lessening of the likely horrors.

As I've said many times before, for #1 to work, the Anti-Islam Movement needs to produce a digital Anti-Islam Manual, so that the growing number of that nucleus who are trying to educate and persuade their fellow Westerners may, in their capacity as self-deputized agents, be better armed in this "battle space of the war of ideas" (as Frank Gaffney has put it).

If the West only (or largely) wakes up through #2, let us hope and pray the price will not be too high.

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Anonymous said...

It will be #2.

You can't educate people when you can't even agree what constitutes a education.

Look outside of you and a few others none of the doyens of the movement really want to speak up whats to be done with Muslims that are here in the West. Sure there are people like Ayaan Ali and Barnhardt who speak openly. But they are outliers in a movement that is defined by PC/MC, secret purges, power struggles that are worthy of a 3rd world government.

I would take the AJ movement more seriously if they could organize themselves say along the lines of the NRA, but they can't even do that.Heck even as inchoate as the Tea Party is, they are light years ahead of the gang that can't shoot straight.