Sunday, May 18, 2014

Narendra Modi: A new modus operandi for the international counter-jihad?

India has a new Prime Minister.  I don’t know much about Narendra Modi, but indications are that he is outstrips all other Western politicians by light years on his LCPOI (the Learning Curve on the Problem of Islam)—with the notably unique exception that proves the rule of Geert Wilders (who, at any rate, has been unable to win his own election as Prime Minister of the Netherlands)—and so this election victory is HUGE (are we still saying that, or has some new expression trumped Donald Trump’s signature ejaculation…?).

It is huge for three reasons: India is arguably the most important non-Western country in the so-called “Developing World” (another silly term from the PC Lexicon, reminiscent of “developmentally disabled”—or worse, “differently abled”). While of course there are many Muslim nations who are more important in terms of the mayhem and misery they cause, and China through its totalitarian fanaticism has exerted more weight in the international arena, these polities have not earned their importance in healthy ways as India has.

Secondly, if Narendra Modi is really as anti-Islam as indications suggest, it would propel India to the very forefront of the evolution of modern intelligence, outstripping the entire West in this regard—a West limping along far behind with self-imposed blinders while preposterously trumpeting self-righteous farts about being so ethically free of “bigotry” and “hatred”.

Thirdly, there are indications that India—at least on the level of sociopolitical culture in news media, pop culture, and government—suffers the ridiculously crippling effects of a PC MC mainstream almost as much as does the West (as we have learned countless times over the years from Indian readers of Jihad Watch).  Additionally, it is reasonable to suppose that this PC MC is likely complicated by the "dhimmi reflexes" which afflict any culture that, like India, has had a history of being directly invaded and occupied by Mohammedans, with all the attendant horrors this entails.  Over sixty million Hindus were mass-murdered by Muslims during India's protracted ordeal with Islam from approximately the 10th century to the 18th century—that's ten Holocausts.  Meanwhile, the 17th century saw the geopolitical reconfiguration of the entire world, with Western Colonialism, and certainly by the 18th century, the West (chiefly the British Empire by that time) began to impose a new order that imperfectly, but significantly strengthened the ongoing self-defense of the native Hindu populations, increasingly crippling the ability of the Mohammedans to wage their perennial jihad there, and helping to hasten India's own Reconquista (though that would be complicated by growing resentment against the British among Hindus, irrationally and demagogically exploited by the enormously charismatic fanatic, Mohandas Gandhi, who made alliances with Muslims against the British).

For all these reasons, this election victory is a huge boost of hope to the free world, testifying to the fact that a nation can actually begin to break free of the curiously, maddeningly irrational Flatland of the PC MC worldview (and from the disabling disease of dhimmitude) in a bold and massive way.


Egghead said...

"Over sixty million Hindus were mass-murdered by Muslims during India's protracted ordeal with Islam from approximately the 10th century to the 18th century—that's six Holocausts."

You might want to reconsider your numbers - even if you contend that six million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, that makes India the victim of TEN Holocausts.

Hesperado said...

Woops, thanks Egghead. I can barely do arithmetic, let alone math!

Kiwi Wahine said...

It will be interesting to follow Modi's career - one only hopes he is allowed to see his full term thro' given his stance on Islam.

Love your blog.

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