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Smiling Faces

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A brief (and, of course, incomplete) gallery of photos of seemingly nice people -- all smiling, all Muslims, all murderous fanatics whose fanaticism is not merely criminal or psychopathic, but also deeply tied to a religious blueprint for militantly supremacist expansionism that is demonstrably mainstream in culture, widespread demographically, and metastasizing around the globe in our time.
Moner Mohammad Abusalha (his Arabic name after conversion to Islam), an American cat lover from Florida who after converting to Islam felt he had to go to Syria to participate in jihad, where he soon thereafter suicide bombed in order to mass-murder the "enemy" of Islam.
Abu Abdullah Al Khorasani, Canadian Muslim whom the al Qaeda faction in Syria claims, proudly, martyred himself in a suicide bombing, participating in the general Islamic carnage going on there.
Souad Merah, sister of the Muslim who went on a rampage in southern France in 2012 murdering Jews, including three children.  French intelligence has good reason to think she has been active in terrorism, and has fled to Syria to be part of the multifarious jihad there.  She is on record professing admiration for her mass-murderous brother and for Osama bin Laden.
Maher "Mike" Hawash, the upper middle class American Microsoft engineer who, soon after 911, left his suburban white picket fence house and family to go join al Qaeda and the Taliban so he could wage murderous battle against the "enemy" of Islam.
Aafia Siddiqi, the Pakistani Muslim who studied for years in America -- including M.I.T. and Brandeis in Boston (where she received a Ph.D. in engineering) -- only to be found out to be intimately involved in supporting al Qaeda.  When she was apprehended, her American captors were foolish enough to think she was harmless, but she picked up a rifle and began shooting at them (luckily killing no one).  She currently resides in prison in Texas to where she was sentenced in 2010.

Al Awlaki 2001 Abdulrahman al-Awlaki (the one on the right, not the starry-eyed Kumbayist on the left): though his teeth aren't anything to write home about, his smile looks genuine and his bespectacled eyes and rumpled jacket seem harmless enough apparently to fool the Washington establishment into thinking, for a while during the 1990s and early Aughts, that he wasn't a murderous fanatic wanting to destroy America.  This notorious Yemeni terrorist (American born, in New Mexico) turned out to be deeply implicated in al Qaeda operations and various Islamic terror plots, including 911, the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, and indirectly the Fort Hood massacre (not to mention that he inspired the 2005 London subway bombing, the 2010 Times Square attempted bombing and the 2012 plot to bomb the New York Federal Reserve, the Chattanooga slaughter in 2015, and now we learn, also the San Bernadino jihad) -- bad enough so that even the Islam-friendly Obama had to drone him in 2011. Samantha Lewthwaite, notoriously known as the "White Widow", a native-born Englishwoman who lost her head when she converted to Islam, then joined the international jihad so zealously she jetted to Kenya in order to help plot the hideously grotesque Nairobi shopping mall massacre.

Muriel Degauque, a Belgian woman, pleasant enough from her pre-Islamic photograph above (and whom a neighbor who knew her from childhood swore was "absolutely normal") who -- as seems to be more and more common -- went stark raving insane upon her conversion to Islam and marriage to a Muslim man, and, of course, decided soon thereafter in 2005 to take a trip to Iraq in order to blow herself up so that she could kill as many of the "enemy" as possible. Ahmed, a "Canadian" Muslim found in July of 2014 to have been stockpiling bombs in order to mass-murder Canadians.

yıldız tilbe (10) 
Yildiz Tilbe, a Turkish Muslim folk-pop musician who looks nice and friendly and secular, and she's into folk-pop music!  Just the kind of Muslim the Counter-Jihad Softies love to give the benefit of the doubt.  Had she not been recently caught tweeting typically Islamic Judaeophobic tweets recently, the Counter-Jihad Softies would probably reflexively err on the side of thinking she must be -- or must be treated as -- a harmless Muslim.

“If God allows, it will be again Muslims who will bring the end of those Jews, it is near, near,” she tweeted on her official account @YildizzTilbee.
“They (Jews) are hostile to Allah and all prophets including their own prophet Moses.”
In another tweet she appeared to praise Hitler for the mass extermination of Jews in the Holocaust, writing “May God bless Hitler.”
Ralph De Leon of Ontario, Canada, on trial for planning to travel overseas to join Al Qaeda in August of 2014.
Dr. Ann Aly, an Egyptian Muslim academic researcher at Curtin University (Western Australia), patently lying about Islam in order to whitewash and sanitize its obvious affinities with the fanatical extremism and terrorism of "Islamism" that is metastasizing around the globe today (read Robert Spencer's meticulous exposure of her disinformation in the link I provided with her name).
Aqsa Mahmood, a Muslim woman living in Scotland who joined the grotesquely evil Islamic movement ISIS, exhorted Muslims to follow in the path of the beheaders of Lee Rigby in London and the bombers of the Boston Marathon.
Hoda Muthana, 20, of Hoover, Alabama: she joined the Islamic State and exhorted Muslims: "Go on drive-bys and spill their blood... kill them..."
Dr. Tareq  Kamleh, a Muslim doctor from Australia who decided he needs to join ISIS to help humanity, by joining an Islamic movement that is massacring men, women and children, beheading captives, burning captives alive, engaging in sex slavery with women and girls; and so forth.
Abu Amir al-Muhajir, a seemingly congenial and personable medical student who received his medical instruction from UK medical schools, and who in a video urges Muslim doctors to join ISIS --  an Islamic movement that is massacring men, women and children, beheading captives, burning captives alive, engaging in sex slavery with women and girls; and so forth.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the principal Boston Marathon jihadists, the Chechen Muslim older brother of Dzhokhar (who recently was convicted and sentenced to execution; police thankfully spared taxpayers money by shooting Tamerlan dead in a shootout shortly after the attack).  Though Tamerlan's smile looks a bit smarmy in a used car salesman sort of way, nevertheless it seems cheery and friendly enough to probably fool millions of Useful Idiots in the West into thinking, now there's a moderate Muslim we should not suspect of anything... Islamic.   In the aftermath of the attack, investigators learned that, aside from planning and participating in the mass murder of innocent American men, women and children (as well as numerous people from all over the world visiting the Marathon), Tamerlan had photos of himself in Muslim garb brandishing a pistol, and had photos of dead and injured children on the desktop of his computer.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulaziz, looking all preppy and all-American in his college graduation garb (probably graduating Umma cum Laude...), and certainly nice and friendly enough to fool millions of Western Useful Idiots into thinking he must be a harmless Muslim, and if anyone dares to suspect otherwise based upon the Islam he reveres, they must be a "hater" and a "bigot" and an "Islamophobe".  On June 16 of this year (yesterday in fact, as I type this), Muhammad Youssef Abdulaziz went on a jihad rampage at two military reserve stations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, gunning down as many as he could, killing four Marines with an AK-47 on the spot, and wounding three others (a Marine recruiter, a local police officer, and a petty Navy officer who since died of his wounds two days later).

Nader Saadeh, a Muslim from Jordan who joined the grotesquely evil Islamic movement ISIS.
The above two photos are of a pair of evil newlyweds: Jaelyn Delshaun Young, a 19-year-old American from Mississippi, daughter of a police officer, chemistry major at Mississippi State University and honors student from Warren Central High School  in Vicksburg, Mississippi, who married Muhammad Oda Dakhlalla, a 22-year-old Muslim who recently graduated from the same university and also is an American citizen (his father is Oda H. Dakhlalla, imam of the Islamic Center of Mississippi in Starkville and originally, as a native of Bethlehem, a so-called "Palestinian") -- both arrested in the summer of 2015 for trying to travel to Syria to join and help the grotesquely evil Islamic movement ISIS.  Jaelyn was also quoted expressing her desire to give birth to future ISIS warriors: She also expressed a desire to “raise little Dawlah cubs.”… -- Dawlah being the Arabic for "State" -- and indeed, officials claim she masterminded the strategy of pretending to be on honeymoon in order to go to Turkey and thence to Syria, and that on social media sites she expressed happiness at the Chattanooga shooting in which five U.S. servicemen were massacred by a Muslim.
Then there's 18-year-old Shorouq Dwayyat, a resident of East Jerusalem’s Tsur Baher neighborhood and a student at Bethlehem University, who in early October of this year stabbed a Jew in the back -- who forthwith shot her in self-defense, after which she was whisked away to a hospital by Jewish emergency medical personnel to try to save her life.  Hours before her murderous attack, she had written of her desire to become a shaheed (the Islamic term for suicidal homicide to appease their bloodthirsty god, Allah).

Every time Muslims go a-jihadin' I've taken to Googling images to see if any of the Mohammedan perps have a toothy smile on file somewhere, and often they do not fail:  Syed Farook, the Muslim who decided to join the front line of the jihad with his Muslim wife Tashfeen Malik to mow down people at an office Christmas party in San Bernadino, California on December 2nd -- pictured here (above) looking a tad scruffy perhaps, but smiling congenially and moderately enough to fool probably 98% of mainstream Westerners, and I'd say about 60% of those in the Counter-Jihad for roughly the same reason: their anxiety to feel better about themselves (their ethical narcissism) connected to their neurotic fear of being "bigoted" against Brown People.

And, speaking of Syed Farook, we have his friend and neighbor, Enrique Marquez, offering the camera a smile so goofy he just must be a moderate crazy for a sandwich.  In the immediate aftermath of the San Bernadino massacre, law enforcement officials and news media learned that Marquez had purchased some guns for the the husband jihadist, Syed Farook -- but all news reports I read at the time indicated they didn't know he was a) a Muslim convert who b) had already been deep into jihading with Farook for years by that time.  They clearly implied he was a hapless neighbor who didn't know what he was doing purchasing weapons for a man and wife.  All the skinny on this (including little things like plotting mass murder in the name of Islam at Riverside City College  and on State Route 91) may be gleaned, to one's unsurprised horror, in this official Criminal Complaint filed by Joel T. Anderson, Special Agent of the FBI.

Mohamed Bouhlel, the Muslim who massacred over 80 people by plowing through crowds in a truck (and also shooting at people outside the driver window), all the while shouting out "Allahu Akbar!"
As Wikipedia reports:

The attacker killed 84 people instantly and injured 434, 52 critically; 25 remained on life support the next day; an 85th person died from injuries three weeks after the attack, and an 86th three weeks later. On 17 July, 65 injured were still in hospital, 18 in a critical condition. At least ten of the dead were children.

Bouhlel was a 31-year-old Tunisian Muslim who happened to be living in France (apparently he had moved to Nice from the seaside city of Sousse in Tunisia where last summer a Muslim massacred 38 tourists at beach resorts).  Here above in this spontaneous photo, perhaps a selfie, we see Bouhlel giving the camera a rakishly handsome smile, looking only a little vaguely rough around the edges, but only so much so as to arouse the types of clueless non-Muslim women (and men) he picked up for casual sex.  That, and the fact that he drank alcohol and ate pork and took drugs, would lull millions of clueless Westerners into thinking this must be one of those "lax Muslims" who "don't take their Islam seriously".  Otherwise, such a smile from a Muslim continues to fool millions in the West into thinking that this must be one of the harmless Muslims who aren't exploding, stabbing, hacking, beheading, shooting.  Well, Bouhel wasn't doing any of those things (as far as we know) -- until the fateful day of  July 14 (Bastille Day), 2016.  We now know he had accomplices (so much for the "lone wolf" narrative) and plotted this attack for months, and also had three family members who are pursuing the jihad of the sword. 

Image result for ali al osaimi
Ali Alosaimi -- a Muslim Naval officer of the UK who one day decided to join the monstrously evil Islamic regime of ISIS.

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