Saturday, July 26, 2014

A test for signs of being "symptomatic of asymptotic"

A common misconception about Leftists and PC MCs is that they are "relativists" and as such, eschew absolutism and judging others.  Certainly they use rhetoric that implies all these things; but in fact, Leftists and PC MCs judge all day long: they judge their own white Western civilization to be bad, and they judge all non-Western cultures—foremost Islam—as good. They are thus not “relativists” by any means. They are in fact absolutists; and their absolutism reflects a grotesque evolution (or devolution, or hypervolution) of Western virtues such as fairness, self-criticism, and respect for the Other, in a broader context of a process of transcending tribalism toward universalism.

However, as I said, they do exploit memes of “cultural relativism” in order to advance their absolutist ideology. Most are not doing this consciously; that’s how it gets done on a macro scale in free societies. It is a deeper cultural sociological phenomenon, which for want of a better term I dub PC MC—since the West is not being controlled by Leftists, since Leftists are a small minority (while the extremist Leftists who are in fact conscious enemies of the West reflect a tiny minority among Leftists at large).

A measure of how powerfully insidious the sociological and psychological success of PC MC is, may be inferred from the disquietingly high number of those in the Counter-Jihad who show various signs & symptoms of PC MC, in varying degrees.

In that context, there are many useful measures by which to detect the presence, and to some extent the degree, of PC MC in a Counter-Jihad individual. Gauging their position, or disposition, on certain sociopolitical and historical issues, for example:

1) Western Colonialism

2) The internment of Japanese-Americans during WW2

3) “McCarthyism” (not to mention Joe McCarthy himself).

A test could be drafted with these and other questions, with a right and a wrong answer for each.

On balance, were these beneficial for civilization or detrimental?

Questions 1-3:

Right answer: beneficial. Wrong answer: detrimental.

Then a question #4 comes to mind:

Question 4:

4) Has the continued sociocultural demonization of Western Colonialism, Japanese-American internment, and “McCarthyism” (and Joe McCarthy) been beneficial or detrimental for civilization?

Right answer: detrimental.  Wrong answer: beneficial.

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