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Pseudo-Moderate: Exhibit X

About a month ago, Jihad Watch Softies gushed like schoolgirls at the ostensible moderation and good will supposedly demonstrated by a Muslim professor, Mohammed Dajani, who took his students on a field trip to Auschwitz.

Prof. Dajani (full name Mohammed Dajani Daoudi—the latter name stemming from his illustrious heritage when in 1529 Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I appointed one of his ancestors, Sheikh Ahmad Dajani (1459-1561)‏, to begin a family line as custodians of the traditional tomb associated with King David (“Daoud” or “Dawood” in Arabic) on Mount Zion—the tomb and surrounding church and city which Muslims invaded and occupied ruthlessly) is thus touted as a “moderate Muslim”. That alone should earn our ruthless skepticism.

“Dajani, director of American studies at Jerusalem’s Al-Quds University, in 2007 founded Wasatia, a social and political movement based on concepts of moderation, pluralism, democracy and justice that he found in the Koran."

There’s more.

Though Dajani is a secular Muslim, and supports separation of religion and state, he turned to religion in building his platform. “There will be no peace unless there is peace among the religions …

No, Professor; there will be no peace unless Muslims stop their rampaging sociopolitical disease that is killing and oppressing people all over the planet. No other religion is responsible for this; all other religions, in fact, are actively doing good for “peace among the religions” (except insofar as they, in their deluded political correctness, agree with the likes of Professor Dajani that what we need is to “all get along” Kumbaya-style).

Dajani’s organization for “peace”, Wasatia, meanwhile, “supports a two-state solution, with the Old City having international status because of its significance as a holy site for Judaism, Islam and Christianity.”

No “two-state solution” is possible when one side is composed of genocidal fanatics fueled by Islam’s mainstream Jew-hatred and generally murderous supremacism grounded in their mainstream texts, supported by mainstream clerics (including Grand Imams of the most prestigious Islamic university, Al-Azhar), and enabled by the vast majority of Muslims around the world (as reflected in repeated surveys over the decades). That Dajani has been spending years seeking such a fantasy (after becoming “disillusioned” by Fatah which he joined as a youth) also substantiates my diagnosis of Dajani.

(Note: Dajani “became a student leader in the secular Fatah movement in 1967, while studying at the American University of Beirut. He also did PR work for Fatah in Lebanon. In 1975, Lebanese authorities deported him to Syria for his political activism.”)

One of Dajani’s colleagues at Al Quds University, emeritus economics professor Iskander Najjar, notes in support of Dajani’s organization that Palestinians “… Muslims, Jews and Christians were [always] neighbors.”

No. Muslims were never “neighbors”. They were, and are, rapacious genocidal fanatics who hate Jews and want to kill Jews unless they convert to Islam or submit to dhimmitude servitude under Islamic tyranny (and even then would get randomly lynched at the whim of bloodthirsty Mohammedans).

“I am for normalization,” says Dajani. “We should learn from the South African concept, but not copy it. If the Israelis feel secure with us as neighbors, they will fight in our struggle for a Palestinian state.” Justice and compassion must be “for both sides − from both sides,” he says.

Dajani never stopped being against occupation or for Palestinian rights, but – even though the Israelis were unable to save his mother – he stopped seeing all Israelis as the enemy. He became involved with many interfaith and joint Israeli-Palestinian programs.

Sheer schizophrenic fantasy (which, again, substantiates my diagnosis of Dajani at which certain Jihad Watch Softies demurred)—or a calculated lie. There is no third explanation. And the former is enabling the stealth jihad which is endangering the free world now, with metastatic worsening in the decades ahead—dependent upon the naivete of so many in the West.



From the Wasatia website, one of several essays by Dajani:

The Holy Books as Light and Guide to Humanity

By Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi

While many books of politics are filled with the call for a “clash of civilizations,” the Holy Books call for a “dialogue of civilizations,” and for an “understanding of civilizations.” They all share the basics Abrahamic moral guidance, and if we search in depth in the sacred scriptures of the rest of the world’s religious traditions, we will find much of the same teaching of the Abrahamic faiths in them also. A careful, detailed look at the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, as well as the Qur’an, makes clear the common religious values and ethics inherent in all three traditions. As the last of the three, the Holy Quran urges Muslims to believe in the holy scriptures of Jews and Christians that preceded it…

The Quran teaches Muslims to love and worship God and that there is but one God whose message was brought to humanity by a series of prophets, including the Hebrew prophets and Jesus, and ending with Muhammad.

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam share the concern for the individual relationship with God and the importance of manifesting that love in relations with others.

The Qur’an promotes positive bonds between people because of their common moral responsibility toward one another. Chief among these are deep ethical commitments to equality and justice, and charity to the poorest and the marginalized.

How could Dajani not know this is all pure unadulterated camelshit? My diagnosis is looking more and more over-generous…

When Jihad Watch Softies got on my case for daring to suspect Dajani and for my temerity in calling him schizophrenic.  I wrote in response:

Schizophrenia is on one level two contradictory things held by one person, affectively and intellectually. His deeply religious admiration for Islam and the Koran (and reasonably supposed for Muhammad) is one of those two (supplemented grotesquely by his fantasy-based Palestinian advocacy) — the giant ingredient the JW Softies are willfully eliminating from their attention as they concentrate on the field trip to Auschwitz, so desperate are they to find the elusive Moderate Muslim.

Then I added more information and analysis from Dajani’s website in a feature on the Auschwitz field trip:
“The idea is to study empathy in order to affect feelings of reconciliation,” Dajani explained to The Media Line. “We are exposing Palestinian students to what happened during World War II — in particular, the Holocaust concentration camps. At the same time, we are taking 30 Israeli students to visit Palestinians who suffered as a result of the 1948 Nakba,” he said.

I.e., Dajani is actively purveying the Equivalence of the Nakba (and by extension the “suffering” of the “Palestinians”) with the Holocaust. This Equivalence is one major piece of the puzzle by which “Palestinians” (and by extension Muslims in general) have become endowed with the grotesquely unearned privilege of being the “New Jews” who are implicitly supposed to be threatened with incipient genocide whenever anyone begins to notice what Muslims are doing in the name of Islam and becoming appropriately horrified by it.

Not only is the Nakba nowhere near to being equivalent; there was no Nakba. It’s a propaganda invention by Muslims in order to continue to grind their perpetual axe against Jews (and by extension to jerk tears from the clueless West for their eternal Victimhood). Shame on all Jihad Watchers being so naive and gullible here.

A Jihad Watch commenter not quite as nougaty as the Softies provided even more information than I had cited to demonstrate the suspect and dubious Mod Cred of Prof. Dajani.

And here's my lengthy response with Dajani in mind to a typical Jihad Watch asymptote who stubbornly persisted in giving Dajani the benefit of the doubt and let his one action (taking his school on a field trip to Auschwitz) completely override his support of Islam.

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Egghead said...

"No. Muslims were never “neighbors”. They were, and are, rapacious genocidal fanatics who hate Jews and want to kill Jews unless they convert to Islam or submit to dhimmitude servitude under Islamic tyranny (and even then would get randomly lynched at the whim of bloodthirsty Mohammedans)."

Yes! This is EXACTLY what I say to people who want to apply the 'Golden Rule' to interactions among Muslims and non-Muslims.