Saturday, September 13, 2014

Deprogramming in order to "de-radicalize" Muslims

Recently, Jihad Watch published a report of a Canadian mother, Christianne Boudreau, whose son had converted to Islam and then (of course) felt that the Levantine jihad currently raging (i.e., Syria and ISIS) was the greatest thing since sliced cheese and went off to fight the enemy as a mujahid, then got killed in the process.  The Canadian mother became so distraught at the loss of her son (both his mind and then his life) that she is organizing an international movement (in collaboration with a French mother whose two sons suffered the same horrible fate) to try to “de-radicalize” people who convert to Islam and show they want to join the Levantine jihad (the latter part of that is crucial: this Canadian mother obviously does not suspect Islam itself as the problem, only a “radicalization” that leads to an “extremism” that of course has nothing to do with the Religion of Peace -- which is precisely the larger problem).

This idea of a nascently inchoate process of “de-radicalization” from what can be gleaned in the Jihad Watch report reveals a fascinating glimpse into the sincerely hapless flailing about which PC MCs are forced to indulge when they proceed without proper Counter-Jihad training:
“The pair [the Canadian mother and the French mother] decided to form an international mothers group, determined that there must be a way to intervene and stop the radicalization process before it’s too late.”

By all means, MARI (Mothers Against Radicalized Islamists), try to stop the radicalization process before it’s too late by ignoring the primary inspiration and guide to the problem.

“Boudreau has also set her sights on establishing the Canadian chapter of a German group called Hayat. That means “life” in Arabic, and its aim is to work with families to help de-radicalize young men and women.”

Oh dear, a group with an Arabic name meaning “Life”—no doubt staffed by Moderate Muslims helping the hapless Kuffar deal with the problem of Jihad.

“Hayat is an offshoot of a German organization called “Exit,” which has had good success in deprogramming neo-Nazis as if plucking them from a cult. Hayat adopts similar methodology and applies it to dealing with militant Islamists.”

Ah, sounds wunderbar! There are only a couple of problems with this: There is no such thing as “Islamism”: it is a false construct devised semi-consciously to grapple, blindly, with the problem of Islam.  And secondly, other than its mass-murderous genocidal expansionist supremacist goals, the neo-Nazi disease in its blueprint, methodology, inspiration and fanaticism bears no structural or essential resemblance to the Mohammedan disease.  But part of the deeply flawed paradigm of PC MC is the dogma that forever maintains that there is nothing unique about "Islamism" and that it must resemble other pathologies so much, one can play mix-and-match willy-nilly with one's diagnoses of the problem, and with one's prescriptions to fix it.

“After meeting with its organizers in Berlin, Boudreau came away convinced that with the right funding and staff, a Hayat chapter could make a difference in Canada.”

Boudreau is spending a lot of time, trouble and money grasping at straws, while evidently ignoring the one thing that might make a difference—the approach that sees mainstream Islam itself as the source of the disease that claimed her son. (One can be assured that the staff at Hayat adroitly steered her away from any hint that Islam itself is the primary source of the problem.)

“It’s a sense of reining them [radicals] back in so they are closer to the family again,” she said. “They work with them closely after they’ve taken a step back and decided ‘maybe this is not for me,’ and help them get reintegrated within the community, finding a job, so they focus on the normalities.”

Yes, Canadian Mom; and some day we can realize the other goals of Miss Universe—world peace, no more hunger, and eyeliner that never runs again when you cry in joy at having won your dreams.

Another indication that Christianne Boudreau (the Canadian Mom) is reaching out to precisely the wrong kinds of assistance I gleaned from another article on this:

Muhammed Robert Heft, an anti-radicalization counsellor who works with new converts and serves as a liaison between the Muslim community and CSIS, said he corresponded with al-Gharib’s mother several times last year.

At the time she began speaking with Heft, she was still in contact with her al-Gharib. Heft had hoped to reach out to him as well.

Notice how the hefty Heft (see the video from the link above), himself evidently a white Canadian convert to Islam wearing one of those collapsed baker’s caps some Muslims wear, cleverly redirects the problem away from Islam (not that anyone was trying to direct it there, but always carefully just in case) and “explains” the problem in ways that have nothing remotely to do with Islam:

Heft said there are two types of people that choose to leave Canada for the battlefields of Syria.

He said there are Syrian-Canadians “who feel their family has been subjected to a tyrant” and then there are “overzealous converts or newly practicing people” who see Syrian conflict as “an indirect way to fight, fire off weapons, hate society and vent their frustrations.”

“One group, I would say, is legitimate in their concern and want to help their family, and one group is taking advantage of the fact that it’s a place they can go and be angry.”

This is one of the people Canadian Mom reached out to for help: like a desperate Hen reaching out to a Fox dressed as a Moderate Rooster.


Before we deprogram individuals who have been “radicalized” by an “extremist Islamism” that “has nothing to do with Islam”, we need to deprogram our mainstream West. How do you deprogram tens of millions of people from all walks of life spread out in dozens of countries? The Counter-Jihad has been trying to do it, without really knowing how to do it (as there is no guidebook on how to do this), and it has been achingly slow going (for though the Counter-Jihad is growing, at an excruciatingly slow rate, it remains only a minuscule nucleus of an activist movement, treated shabbily by the Mainstream as though infected with right-wing and racist cooties; not to mention that many inside the Counter-Jihad are in varying degrees themselves infected with the same PC MC worldview, or parts thereof).

At any rate, the deprogramming that needs to occur with regard to our fellow Westerners is a much subtler activity, and therefore more maddeningly tedious, than the classic deprogramming that occurred with many cult members in the 70s and 80s, when concerned family members had people abduct their kin and take them to motel rooms where they were "debriefed" for days in order to shake their minds out of their cultic stupor.  Would that it were this simple with our fellow Westerners, who are neither simplistically brainwashed nor stupid, but rather entangled in the current fashion of worldview, PC MC.

Glimmers of hope, nevertheless, continue to appear, in drops here and there of melting ice amid a still massive iceberg toward which the U.S.S. & H.M.S. Titanic barrels full speed ahead.

So far, we've been rather politely chipping away at the wall of the iceberg with icepicks only approved by the very same proponents of that iceberg on whose Titanic ship of fools they hold us, as necessary passengers & fellow-travelers, hostage.  At the very least, we need to include, as part of a diverse process of waking up our West, a more Breibartianly aggressive modality of slapping this pleasantly somnambulant Rip Van Winkle and dunking buckets of cold water on his head.

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