Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Learning Curve

As I've been saying for a long time now, the Counter-Jihad (some day, hopefully, to become the A.I.M. -- the Anti-Islam Movement) needs to graduate beyond its massively implicit distinction between Islam and Muslims (e.g., "We condemn Islam, not Muslims") and realize that 1) Muslims are the problem of Islam actualized, and 2) a comforting taxonomy of Muslims (viz., into Harmless and Dangerous, with an incoherent spectrum of gradations in between) is impossible.

The following points along our public trajectory do not, in my opinion, reflect a sufficiently ascending curve:

George Bush (September 17, 2001)

Jack Straw (October, 2009)

Robert Spencer (April 2011)


Dave said...

Unfortunately, the guiding ideology of the West today, which is Liberalism (the new brand name of Leftism), is too PC-MC to call Muslims out for what they are.

When the West realizes how serious and deadly a threat it is, then the survival instinct'll take over and normalcy (calling a spade a spade) will ensue. But 'till then, the curve (especially the learning curve, what with Western education systems eschewing patriotic and religious values, replacing them with PC-MC and Liberalism) is going down and down and down.

Praying for things to change, Dave

Hesperado said...


I don't think the learning curve is actually getting worse; there are signs of incremental change, but it's just much too glacial probably to prevent horrific attacks by Muslims in the future in various places throughout the West.


Dave said...

I hope so.

P.S. Did ya hear about the incident of "workplace violence" that happened on Thursday? Of course it had nothing to do with the perp converting to Islam.

P.P.S. Read your immensely intriguing article on the roots of PC and Montaigne. I never knew political correctness had such olden roots? I was under the impression it was a 20th century invention!

What in your opinion was behind Montaigne's opinions? I mean, back in his day they weren't exactly mainstream, so what caused him to have them?

Thanks as usual, Dave

Hesperado said...

Hi Dave,

Glad you found my Montaigne article; coincidentally, I mention it in my latest piece, also going into that strange phenomenon of PC MC in times past when one wouldn't expect it.

I'm not sure how to explain a Montaige, other than what I attempt to explore in the essay I link in the word "morosoph" in my latest piece (as mentioned above). In a nutshell, that it is a kind of aberrant "excess" or outgrowth of the good virtues of our Judeao-Christian (and Graeco-Roman) heritage.