Sunday, November 23, 2014

What memo?

In a recent Jihad Watch comments field attached to the latest report (the latest of tens of thousands over the past several, numbingly horrific years) of some Mohammedan outrage (or some outrageous example of ineptitude by the West in response to some Mohammedan outrage), someone had the impertinence to ask:

So what’s the plan. Everybody on this site says the same thing as you. What’s the action plan?

By all means, we need a plan of action.

Before we can have an action plan, however, we need two things:

1) a consensus on the content of the action plan; and

2) the sociopolitical wherewithal to actualize #1.

The Counter-Jihad currently has neither.

So the question then becomes: How does the Counter-Jihad get 1 and 2 going? Well, for that process to engage, two things need to happen:

a) the Counter-Jihad has to want to do 1 and 2; and

b) the Counter-Jihad has to put that desire into intellectual shape through a platform or manifesto, drafted by talented members and approved by general vote.

Currently, the Counter-Jihad does not seem to have the desire (a) and furthermore seems utterly oblivious to the need to do (b).

In addition (I’m not quite done yet), in order even to get to (a) and (b), the Counter-Jihad needs to organize a giant Conversation lasting several days among all its members, in which all these matters are hashed out. Now, if only there existed some kind of electronic medium by which people from all over the world could communicate with each other in real time… hmmm…. what could that be…. hmmmm.... I can't think of what that could possibly be....    (he said, dripping with sarcasm).

Currently, not only are none of these things in place or even on the table for consideration, nobody in the Counter-Jihad seems even aware of them as an exigency. Without (a) and (b), we can’t get to #1 and 2; and without #1 and 2, we can’t get to a plan of action. Apparently, the Counter-Jihad (“such as it is,” as Diana West once wryly remarked) is semi-consciously content to wait with its pants down around its ankles until the shit hits the fan, at which time the extemporaneous plan of action will be to bolt from the outhouse and run stumbling across the field with toilet paper hanging from between its buttcheeks.

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