Tuesday, December 02, 2014

And now children: Say "Ek-mel-eddin İh-san-oğlu"...!


How to pronounce Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu.

Who or what is this Turkish noodle soup of letters?  He is, as Frank Gaffney has said, perhaps the most important man in the world; and certainly the most unknown important man in the world -- until recently (before his bid this summer to become President of Turkey), the Secretary-General of the O.I.C. (the Organization of Islamic Cooperation). 

And what is the O.I.C.?  It is an international organization that, as Stephen Coughlin says in this fine piece, remains also virtually unknown -- even among high-level government and intelligence officials in the West whose business it is to know such things (particularly with a war on terror going on, one would think).

A Tube-chop snippet of that talk by Coughlin gives a pithy glimpse into who İhsanoğlu is and what his relevance is (and, I note, he mentions, as I did in an essay here back in 2008, that the O.I.C. functions as a de facto (if not as a de-Sharia-jure) "proto-Caliphate").

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