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The biggest mistake (and costliest in terms of money, time, infrastructure destruction, and lives lost) in the last several major wars which the West has been embroiled in has been to fight the present war in the same manner as the last war was fought. A braggadocio referencing World War 2 which one sees typically from the jingoistic Anti-Islam Softy is all fine and dandy, as long as we keep in mind the crucial differences of this current war we are in, compared with previous wars.

One of these crucial differences is a most curious one, worthy of an absurdist novel by a hybrid of Jorge Luis Borges, Thomas Pynchon and Joseph Heller: namely, that one side of this current world war we are in doesn’t even know it’s in a world war, while its enemy knows all too well.

Another crucial difference is that millions of the enemy have three characteristics that distinguish them from the enemies of previous modern wars:

1) millions of them are inside our societies, dispersed all over the place (so how are we going to “bomb” them?)

2) these millions of the enemy inside our societies enjoy (and cleverly exploit) our respect and our protection predicated upon our neurotically gullible desire to assimilate them. (This deference on our part that benefits our enemy would be irrational even if these millions were not part of an ideology hell-bent on our destruction; but becomes monstrously perverse and suicidally reckless (when not positively traitorous) given that these millions are in fact part of an ideology hell-bent on our destruction (innumerable members among which have already mass-murdered our citizens and plotted many more attacks to inflict more destruction and casualties on us).

3) This enemy inside our societies by the millions are deemed to be an Ethnic People (or a “diversity” of Ethnic Peoples) by our dominant and mainstream culture which has become heavily influenced in the past half century by Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism (PC MC). For the PC MC mindset, whenever ethnic minorities are involved in any situation or problem or conflict, it immediately triggers the hot buttons of White Guilt, and a whole litany of historical “shame” floods the heart and mind of the Westerner, who whenever he regards Muslims sees a sea of Brown People we must respect and protect, and never suspect of any wrongdoing -- certainly not any systemic wrongdoing that would threaten our societies; for to do so would cause us to become “racist” and we would be compelled by our own Evil White Western logic to go down the road to putting these Brown People in detention camps and then of course genociding them (for that’s what we must do, given our Evil White Western DNA, you see) (SARC Maple Syrup Spigot Off).

Earlier, I said that there are “three characteristics that distinguish [this present enemy] from the enemies of previous modern wars”. In terms of these three and their interplay, particularly the third one, the West does have a recent precedent, and it brings up a dynamic of this current world war that reflects not so much our enemy, as it does ourselves -- our PC MC, whose sociopolitical effects tend to benefit the strategy & tactics of our enemy, particularly his Stealth Jihad and his Demographic Jihad. These two Jihads constitute the subversive dimension of their war against us, whose connection with their Violent Jihad is cleverly camouflaged by them, and our PC MC culture ineptly benefits their clever camouflage, and we must assume they know this and are cleverly exploiting our PC MC culture in a variety of ways.

As Stephen Coughlin put it: “We don’t know the enemy, and we don’t even know ourselves -- and the enemy knows this.” The recent historical precedent I alluded to is the Internment of Japanese-American citizens during World War 2. Similarly then, there was an enemy who lived among us (most of whom were citizens of the U.S.A.); they were part of an ideology hell-bent on destroying us; they had already attacked us (Pearl Harbor); and they were deemed to be an ethnic people.

While the enemy back then, as fierce and ferocious as they were, were similar to our Muslim enemy, it is arguable that the Muslim enemy is much deadlier in the long run. At any rate, what stands out about this historical precedent is not so much the enemy, as ourselves: America in the 1940s was not so deeply compromised and corrupted by PC MC, and by and large (with only a small minority of opposition, mostly from Leftist and Communist-sympathizing voices), the majority of the American people, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and the President (a flaming liberal) were on board with Internment. Not only would Internment today be unthinkable (even though, pace Wellington the Jihad Watch Guardian of the Constitution, it was at the time deemed to be Constitutional and has never been deemed otherwise since that time), our PC MC culture has developed over the decades a positive industry of Shame and Guilt over that episode (amid a vast tissue of other similar issues), and the higher Court of Political Correctness (more powerful even than the Supreme Court, apparently) has ruled that the Evil White United States violated the Cosmic Commandment of Diversity.

For this, we must pay, apparently, in a variety of ways -- including by bending over backwards now to make sure we don’t “sacrifice diversity” against this new Ethnic People among us who show a mountain of signs of being our deadly enemy, deadlier even than the Japanese of the 1940s. (An indication of just how insidiously powerful PC MC has become may be gleaned from the fact that many even within the Counter-Jihad would recoil from the thought of actually approving of America’s episode of Internment, and would rather yield to their PC MC reflex spasm of condemning it, so they can stroke their ego of their Ethical Narcissism and feel their nagging anxiety of being an Evil White Westerner ever so slightly assuaged.)

P.S.:  The title of this essay -- ΓΝΩΘΙ ΣΑΥΤΟΝ -- is a famous Greek dictum, translated:  "Know Thyself."

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Egghead said...

Hi Hesp,

There are a couple of other issues that bear notice.

1. Rank and file white Europeans and white Americans fail to understand that 1) whites are now - or soon will be - THE minority race in the world, and 2) what it really means to be RULED as a minority race. My sister said, "You can't keep a good man down." To which I replied, "Yes, you can. It is called a caste system." Her reply: "It is NOT like that here."

Egghead said...

2. It is my belief that - in 'Fight or Flight' scenarios as the world was being populated - whites always ran away from trouble with other races. Now, whites literally have NOWHERE in the world left to run (except in their minds). The current PC MC may be an outward manifestation of the cowardice of people who would much rather run away from trouble than fight. Muslims, on the other hand, LOVE to fight.

Egghead said...

3. Many whites have intermarried - or produced children with - people from other races. As people from other races fully understand, this complicates any extrications of other races. It is interesting to note that the Romans encouraged their soldiers to intermarry with conquered populations in order to reduce incidences of terrorism because relatives hesitate to attack each other. In the West, we see Muslim men actively pursuing white non-Muslim women - while holding back Muslim women from marrying white non-Muslim men. In this case, the Muslims are MORE like the conquering Romans than the white men are. Muslims even talk about this phenomenon by saying that Muslim women should NOT marry non-Muslim men because it is men who decide the religion of the family, and women must obey men about religion.

Egghead said...

4. As shown by Obama's actions, children of mixed race identify as non-whites rather than half-whites - and inevitably 'fight' against whites.

Egghead said...

From Karl Denninger:


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