Friday, December 12, 2014

A Mohammedan slip?

Is it just me, or did Cenk Uygur's glibly secularized mask slip here ever so slightly...?

(From a one-on-one discussion that host and creator of the "Young Turks" online news show -- who, by the way, claims he's an ex-Muslim atheist -- had recently with Sam Harris; about which I'll have more to say soon.)


Egghead said...

Yes, well, there are a limited number of ways that people can organize themselves in groups - with everyone actively striving to belong to a group that rules the other groups.

We can see that people cohere around sex, race, and religion (with atheism and Marxism being 'modern' religions that both save and condemn people - and where minority racial and religious Jews have cleverly co-opted cultural 'Christians' into groups that favor Jews in Western culture [i.e., How many American born Jews have dual citizenship in Israel? - versus - How many American born Christians have dual citizenship in Europe?).

If it seems that atheism or Marxism are failing to rule, people will naturally refer back to their other designated groups.

The vast majority of people just want to be a part of the ruling group - whatever they perceive that ruling group to be - in a certain society. That is why Western-ruled subgroups including African Americans and Western Muslims form no-go zones where their own groups rule by their own subgroup rules within the larger Western culture.

Western Muslims have been more successful than African Americans at this tactic - mainly because, as you have previously stated, Western Muslims are very willing to be violent against the larger Western culture - and, as I have previously stated, Muslims control the world oil supply. If the situation were to change and an alternate power supply were to trump oil, Western culture would deal with Muslims in a different way.

Thus, the ex-Muslim atheist is actually being honest - and that honesty applies to every group. Of course, the group that was left unmentioned was Jews who purport to be secularized and/or atheist while acting as Jews for Jews. It was a Jewish commenter that I read who said that, no matter if Jews change their names and adopt other identities, Jews can always identify each other.

One rightly argues that Jews use this ability to benefit racial and religious Jews in Western culture - to the detriment of Western Christians and Christian culture.

Egghead said...

To elaborate: Today, Christian radio reported about a librarian who had placed a small nativity scene behind her reception desk for many years. This year, the library system director ordered all branches to "remove any decorations in public areas of the library that were primarily religious symbols or displays that may give the impression that the library gives permission or precedence to one of the many ways people celebrate and experience the winter season."

My point is that, if Jews had outright asked for Christians in Christian countries to remove all traces of Christianity from the public square, Christians would have pushed back against Jewish requests - quickly recognizing such requests as a religious attack against the foundational religion of Christian countries. However, where Jews have claimed to be atheists and cleverly convinced cultural Christians that atheism is the 'cool' modern new (not!) religion (with Marxism as its preferred and practical form of government), Jews as atheists have been able to achieve what Jews as Jews could not - namely, a direct effective attack on the practice of Christianity in Christian countries.

Muslims are just using the Jewish playbook. And, the main reason that Muslims are using the Jewish playbook is BECAUSE racial and/or religious Jews have worked assiduously to import Muslims to the West to act as sine qua non self-replicating biological weapons against Christians.

As religious supremacists, Jews and Muslims have a mutual goal to eliminate Christians - and the 'converting' of cultural Christians to atheism is merely an interim step to 'reverting' cultural Christians to being second class slaves of racial and/or religious Jews or Muslims - where Jews and Muslims work for the benefit of their own peoples (defined by religion until the group is too broad - and then defined by race).

Cultural Christian 'atheists' fail to feel the chains of slavery tightening because atheists have misplaced 'faith' that atheism is the defining trait of the current and upcoming power group. The reality is that the defining trait of the current and upcoming power group is racial Judaism dressed, for now, as religious atheism/Marxism (see George Soros). The ultimate goal is a feudal system with a ruling oligarchy whose cohering feature will be a racial identity that can be used to include - and exclude - members with a simple DNA test.

P.S. A strong easily proven (DNA) and defended (conferment and lineage from God and first peoples) genealogical basis for the orderly transfer of power over many generations was ALWAYS the goal of rulers who crowned themselves royalty - and that goal is being actively pursued by racial and religious Jews today.

P.P.S. Note that Democrat heir Chelsea Clinton and Republican heir Ivanka Trump married Jews - and Ivanka converted to Judaism rather than her husband adopting Christianity - because Jews are the current and upcoming power group (rather than an outgroup).