Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jihad of the Tube: Cenk Uygur of the "Young Turks" news site

As I have come to realize, the problem (of Islam) -- and the problem of the problem (i.e., the West's ongoing myopia about the problem) -- is not so much Islam, but Muslims.

The seemingly secularized in a smarmy way, You Tube news mogul (and self-defined ex-Muslim atheist) Cenk Uygur, in this long one-on-one conversation he had recently with Sam Harris, helpfully frames the issue with this crucial focus -- though Cenk's motivation, of course, we must reasonably assume, is not clarity but obfuscation in a pursuit of the Stealth Jihad-of-the-Pen (or updated to Jihad of the Tube).

And here's an amusing and incisive parody of this conversation by a You-Tuber named "Atheism is Unstoppable".

Also, the same guy produced a nice dressing-down of Cenk in this Tube chop I prepared.  (From his list of videos, he also seems to take on Christianity, but I haven't assessed to what degree; the two videos I've seen thus far indicate he's not an Equivalencist).  The full video is here.

Along with Cenk, there is Ana Kasparian, an Armenian-American talking head airhead who co-hosts.  Altogether, the “Young Turks” “news” team—including a few others who look like nerdily snotty seniors from college interning for the Craig Ferguson show—in their slyly media-savvy and glossy way regularly apply lip gloss to the ugly pig of Islam (when they're not trying to be a glitzily edgy infotainment venue).  But most of all, there is Cenk Uygyr, a canny, smarmy pundit who uses his “ex-Muslim” and “atheist” street cred to bolster his unctuously Westernized persona while deftly manipulating & massaging our own PC MC memes in favor of Islam like a whore fondling the testicles of her happily hapless client.

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Egghead said...

Well, I suppose that we could point out that it was a racial minority who committed the barbaric attack....

Eric Holder et. al. do NOT want to have that 'honest' talk about race any more than 'religion'....

Wonder why that is?!