Monday, March 02, 2015

Islam is Flat

In a Jihad Watch report, we note that journalist Thomas Friedman writes:

“The U.S. keeps repeating the same mistake in the Middle East: overestimating the power of religious ideology and underappreciating the impact of misgovernance.”

The reader’s first response to this would be, “What planet is Friedman on…!?”  The entire Western Mainstream has clearly not been talking about Islam (or as Friedman puts it, “religious ideology”) enough, and indeed at every turn in the past decade and a half whenever this horrid problem keeps rearing its ugly head, has been veritably trying to avoid talking about Islam!

But when the reader recalls that many another pundit and “expert analyst” of the Western Mainstream has expressed more or less the same breathtakingly assbackward assertion, he takes a pause and a breather -- to get his breath back, and then to consider that something more systemic is going on. Not “systemic” in a conspiratorial way, of course; I don’t roll that way.  Rather, I mean systemic in terms of some kind of paradigm or worldview by which a mass of disparate Data and Dots is not reasonably noticed, interpreted and understood, but instead is rendered into some package of overall sense (or, more often, already comes pre-packaged) that comforts the person who is anxious to avoid the horribly dawning conclusion that Islam itself is the source of the increasingly widespread and dangerous violence we have seen around the world in these first couple of decades of this new century and millennium.

This paradigm, as I have said many times (and analyzed many times on my blog), has become dominant and mainstream throughout the entire West over the past half century (give or take a decade or so). It has many features and moving parts, this paradigm does. It also has a crux, around which all the complex moving parts play their mechanical role, so to speak. This crux, I maintain, is the coin of two sides: Reverse Racism/White Guilt. Now, the very fact that I felt a pang of misgiving upon typing those words (especially “white guilt”), feeling a twinge of anxiety lest my reader think I’m a “racist”, only goes to show how powerful this paradigm of Politically Correct Multiculturalism (PC MC) is. If we want to work to discredit this paradigm and hasten its eventual, inexorable collapse (for an incoherent structure cannot last forever, particularly not when its internal logic is being assailed by literal barbarians in the form of beheading Muslims and their seemingly innocuous, mendacious co-religionists), we must stop walking on eggshells around it. For two reasons:

1) It is the PC MCs themselves who are race-obsessed, who insist on framing this whole issue in terms of race (though most of the time they won’t admit it, and it only comes out sideways);


2) when we anxiously walk on eggshells around our PC MC Masters of the airwaves, we are not only letting them get away with projecting their racial obsession onto us, but we are also letting them continue to Control the Conversation.

With all that said, the interesting phenomenon I alluded to at the beginning of my comment is one that is too commonly blurted and blurbed out by PC MCs like Friedman -- namely, their bizarre accusation that their own mainstream is “talking about Islam too much” (or as Friedman puts it, talking about “religious ideology” too much).  This is surreal and bizarre, for we in the Counter-Jihad know all too painfully well that the mainstream clearly doesn’t talk about Islam enough, and rather avoids talking about it when it is clearly the dominant factor of a given outburst of Islamic disorder somewhere in the world.

Is Friedman that colossally stupid that he cannot see this? Why would he be so concerned about a non-problem, and such a massive one as this?  One hesitates to impute stupidity to a person who is obviously intelligent. Something therefore “does not compute”. And, as I said above, the conspiracy theory is simply impermissible. Similarly, needless to say, we cannot say Friedman is evil (which = he knowingly is lying about a matter so grave). What is left? Well, whatever is left must be the case, as Sherlock Holmes would have put it. Friedman must be thinking in terms of a complicated paradigm, and near the crux (cf. above) of this paradigm is the shibboleth, the solemn promise & obligation:

However I explain this problem, I must protect Islam from central, substantive scrutiny.

And Friedman in this piece does so; and, alas, probably succeeds -- at least to those of our generation who unfortunately continue to be the majority, those who while looking at the Emperor With No Clothes On and Buck Naked With His Wee Willie Hanging in Full View, really believe it when Tom Friedman tells them that he is fully clothed.

What planet is Friedman on?

Whatever planet he’s on, it’s the “Flat Earth” of his irritatingly glib book title (The World is Flat) -- flattened out of all rational distinctions one would notice when assessing the mountains of data and oceans of dots we already have about the deep, unique chasm in the world represented by Islam.  A seismic concatenation of distinctions, an ongoing rupture in the tectonic plates of geopolitics, only metastasizing in our time with a global revival of Islamic Jihad, disrupting the ongoing progress of normative peoples and nations who, as imperfect as they have been, have been slowly but surely evolving to a more unified and harmonious world.

But, with supremely bittersweet irony, we must ruefully note, it has been through the very same worldview of this progressive civilizational health that we remain maddeningly incognizant.of the global threat Islam presents to our Fukuyamishly Naïve New World -- the world we were on our neo-Yuppie way to realizing once the bump of Y2K was overcome, so rudely interrupted on that beautifully clear blue morning in September of 2001, when somehow and suddenly a cacophony of Arabic music blared from our 90s digital alarm clock radio, rousing us from our bourgeois Beauty Sleep.  

And we’ve been reaching a pleasantly numb hand over to hit the snooze button on that clock ever since, whose red face, our bleary eyes dimly note (or is it just a dream?), keeps flashing 9:11.


Egghead said...

The Baron at Gates of Vienna has decided to ban ALL of my comments - no matter what the post or subject. All that he had to do was wait for Net Neutrality to kick in - but, who would think that there was a conspiracy to keep real content away from the masses? It simply simply simply must be a good hearted by product of the golden rule. Perhaps it would be useful to STOP discounting possible causes?

Hesperado said...

Well, Egghead, it seems the Bullheaded Baron prefers his own conspiracy theory of Cultural Marxists-without-Jews to yours with Jews... :)

Egghead said...

Hamas model of self governance is the goal so that people will hold their rulers accountable for improvements.

Egghead said...

Egghead said...

Ha to your comment! :)