Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Inferential Future

With regard to the problem of Islam, when offering up my two cents as a concerned citizen, I don't like indulging in speculations about the future.  I don't mind at times sketching out reasonable scenarios, extrapolating from the data of past & present, along with the reasonable inferences we may draw therefrom (as I have on rare occasion on the subject of Deportation); but it crosses a line when we start mapping this out feverishly with a Napoleonic, apocalyptic glint in the eye.

Nevertheless, there is a way to advert to the future (our future) in a way that does not fantasize about a grandiosely speculative dénouement, but which does speculate in a restrained and reasonable fashion about, so to speak, an inferential future -- a future which we may reasonably expect will unfold, given all the different factors we discern to be part of the nebula of the problem.

My futurological post today is perhaps more prescriptive than descriptive.  That said, I think my prescriptions are highly likely to happen anyway, since they will be the consequence of a rational response by the West to the nature of the problem; and I say this because I have faith in the rationality of my West (and do we always have to add the unremarkable truism that "we're not perfect"...?).

The one overarching descriptive speculation about the future is that Muslims are going to get worse.

This is a reasonable inference because Muslims have already been getting worse, particularly post-911.  The problem of Islam is metastasizing.  The 21st century is fast becoming the Century of the Problem of Islam.  Most of the Western Mainstream, of course, doesn't realize this yet, or if they do semi-consciously suspect a glimmer of it in the back of their minds, they are busy manufacturing a cacophony of distracting noise on the public airwaves to stave off this dreaded realization, standing hip-deep in De Nile with their heads in the sand.

As I say, we base this prediction reasonably on the fact that Muslims have been getting worse since 911 (let alone before, but more dramatically since then).  The problem of Islam is clearly spiralling out of (our) control, and what has been coalescing as the smoke clears from 911 over the ensuing years (devolving further through the "Arab Spring" and then the ISIS Caliphate) is the protracted fact of a global revival of Islamic Jihad -- slowly but surely, the fruit of the hopes and dreams (and sermons, demagoguery, and jurisprudence based on the Koran-and-Sunnah) of the last three centuries during which Islam slowly collapsed into a nadir of internal corruption and weakness while the Kuffar around them, the West, ascended on a trajectory of progress that become more and more stupendous with each passing century.

This process of Muslims getting worse and worse, while the Western Mainstream continues to see and raise that deterioration with ever more Denial, cannot last forever.  Simply put, the problem of Muslims will get so bad, the West will have to stop denying it, and start doing something rational about it.  This prediction, this part of the inferential future, is reasonable for two reasons:

1) the nature of Islam (and, by the the logic of its unique fanaticism, the nature of Muslim behavior);


2) the nature of the West -- relatively sophisticated, intelligent and rational, and certainly light years ahead of Islamic culture in sophistication, intelligence, and rationality.

And here is the descriptive prescription that unfolds from there, logically, as surely as the prediction of a chemical reaction once we know what chemicals are being mixed, in what proportions, and under what circumstances:

There need to be three world conferences organized to discuss three distinct, but related, things.  Our list will proceed from small to broad, and sequentially from sooner to later:

1) A world conference of the anti-Islam movement -- to adjudicate the following:

a) to come to some consensus on the nature of the Problem of Islam, and closely related to that, the nature of the Problem of the Problem (the problem, that is, of Western myopia to the Problem of Islam)

b) to iron out a platform for the movement, involving ongoing activities as well as an overarching desideratum -- both of these based directly on (a).

2)  A world conference of the Western Mainstream -- to adjudicate the following:

a) To discuss the problem of Islam (hopefully quickly moving past the question, "Is Islam itself a problem?" to more serious questions), which will involve the following process:

b) An active consultation with the anti-Islam movement (which, it is to be hoped, will have gotten its shit together well in advance, during #1 above), with the intent to produce a new consensus between the two (the Western Mainstream and the anti-Islam movement), and from there a consensus of the free world (i.e., the normal world outside the freakish aberration of the Dar-al-Islam).

3) A world conference built on the previous two conferences, at which a new Western & World consensus (cf., 2b) will sit down with global representatives of the Muslim world.


A digression about #3 is in order, since it is pregnant (if not fraught) with critical issues at the heart of the whole catastrophe these conferences would be trying to manage.

The first thing to note, which would likely leap to the mind of most AIM.ers (i.e., those in the anti-Islam movement), is a head thrown back and an explosion of laughter.  WHAT!!!??? Sit down with Muslims!!!??? What could they possibly have to offer at that point, other than their typical taqiyya-&-kitman while their co-religionists continue to rampage, massacre, and plot our destruction...!!!???  Are you out of your cotton-picking MIND!!!???  And so forth.

And they would have a point.  However, unless things will have devolved at that point to make it plain that all Muslims are as at war with us as the Nazis were at war with us after their formal declaration of hostilities, I believe we owe it to our civilization to give them this one last chance to do some 'splainin'.

So, that international conference of Muslim representatives would in a civil manner, but firmly, without allowing the usual tap-dancing prevarications and obfuscations, submit them to a long list of questions.  It would be made clear to the Muslims that they are on the defensive and that this is their last chance to convince the world that Islam can get along with the rest of Mankind.  It will become clear that the only way to do that is for Muslims to transform Islam and to promise to make good on that intent by concretely taking actions against all their ulemas and fuqaha.  Indeed, the ulemas, or at least one representative of each ulema from all nations, should be present at that conference.

Do I think it will work?  Not really.  A snowball's chance in Jahannam.  But it should be attempted, if circumstances are propitious (i.e., if the shit doesn't really start hitting the fan in a global train wreck sort of way, which is certainly a possibility).  It should be done -- for the record, and as a matter of principle.  If for nothing else, it would, or could, be the first time in history that finally all representative Muslims would come to a table in a concerted fashion to do the 'Splainin' they never did before -- under the Klieg lights of the eyes of the world at that point no longer willing to take any more nonsense, and by that time educated enough to know the difference.

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Egghead said...

If you were fighting a war, would you put all of your strategists in one big room, announce it to the world, and give the enemy the chance to murder you all at once?

To wit, Muslims have already publically identified Israel as easy pickings to eliminate Jews who are gathered in one place.


Hudna negates the need for negotiation.


Muslims already control the United Nations via the OIC. Muslims are just waiting to control France in a couple of years to control its security council vote and modern weapons.


I find that those in the counter jihad seem to pay too little attention to 1) military strategy and 2) the result of very bad PC MC reasoning extrapolated into actual policy.

To wit, the actual result of homosexuals in the military results in a two-fold purge of Christians in the military: 1) current soldiers leave or are forced out, and 2) Christians advise their children to avoid joining the military. The end result is a military controlled by non-Christians who will then draft Christians back into the military in time of war to be ruled (harassed and murdered) by actions and decisions of non-Christians.