Saturday, April 18, 2015

Buckley must be buckling his grave...

The "conservatives" are at it again: Ron Capshaw writing for National Review (the legacy of the great William Buckley, Jr.), -- producing an egregiously sloppy and petty hatchet job on Diana West's book American Betrayal.  (West says it is Capshaw's fifth time he's flailed at her book.)

West's rejoinder ably capsizes Capshaw's pathetic little schooner, and exposes it for the mean and paltry excuse for a critical review it is.  For a book such as American Betrayal that, among other monumentally useful historiography, defends the credibility of Whittaker Chambers (a friend of Buckley's and contributor of fascinating articles to the early National Review) and along with M. Stanton Evans helps to restore the reputation of Joe McCarthy, it is unconscionable that Buckley's seminal flagship magazine can't even muster a coherent, intelligent, suitably respectful analysis of it.

Shame on National Review and its editor-in-chief, Rich Lowry!

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