Saturday, June 20, 2015

Smiling Faces reprised

Just about one year ago, on the fly and off the cuff, I published a series of photographs of Muslims who look nice and friendly because they are smiling (and therefore demonstrating that they are harmless if not even hopefully "reformist" -- so goes the logic of the PC MC mainstream and its decaffeinated cousins in the Counter-Jihad, the asymptotic Softies).  Every one of the smiling Muslims I featured on that gallery are also direct or indirect enablers of jihad terrorism.

Over subsequent months, I keep running across more such photographic evidence of the Stealth Jihad, and I have tried to add to the gallery accordingly.  My latest addition comes from a Jihad Watch story this week, which the reader will see when he scrolls down to the last photograph.  The link is here:

Smiling Faces


Egghead said...

If you want to be able for people to show this catalog to naïve friends, you have to keep the wording meticulously neutral. Loose the random comments about people's teeth. Loose the inflammatory comments about insanity. Loose the comments about Obama since too many people love Obama. Just describe the Muslim actions, and let Western people draw their own conclusions.

Your idea is great. Your execution is difficult (in its present form) to forward to the naïve.

Egghead said...

Now THIS is an interesting face: