Monday, July 20, 2015

Can I get an Amen...

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Speaking truth to power:  guest speaker Tomi Lahren on the Lauren Ingraham news show.


Egghead said...

Ah, a pretty girl can be SO distracting from her message. The more that I analyze what this pretty girl actually said, the more that I hear a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.

Let's see what she identifies as the problem: radical Islam, devout Muslim, overly religious, moderate [now] radical, terrorism, jihadis.

Let's she what she identifies as the solution: this is an American problem, let's bring the problem to them, let's show them what a B1 bomber looks like flying overhead, let's put the fear of God into their desert.

Regarding the problem: Radical Islam et al. did NOT murder four marines. Rather, a mainstream Muslim 'American' practicing mainstream Islam murdered four American marines.

Regarding the solution: Well, her 'solution' is so completely muddled that it is hard to know where to begin. First, the USA has already bombed and continues to bomb the desert (presumably a euphemism for Middle East). Other than flattening Mecca (which George Bush supposedly threatened after 9/11) - a position that I seriously doubt that this pretty girl is advocating - how does she expect bombing the Middle East to help diminish the worldwide problem of Muslim personification of 'radical' Islam which has a vast range outside the desert - and lately inside Western countries?

She advocates to use overt violence (with 'flying' being a euphemism for bombing) against a covert foe (Islamists among us). Does she seriously contend that using violence in Muslim countries is going to decrease Muslim violence in Western countries with growing Muslim populations (oh, and tell us again which powerful ruling group has initiated and legally required the importation of millions of non-white non-Christians?)? Using more violence in Muslim countries is rather like waving a red flag in front of a bull where Western Muslims will quickly up the ante and retaliate against the many white Christian soft targets (churches, schools, festivals) in Western countries.

If this is an 'American' problem (thus begging the question of whether 'moderate' and 'radical' American Muslims are 'Americans'), where is her proposed solution to prevent more moderate Muslims from becoming radical Muslims - and thus avoiding more jihadist terror events in the USA? Is this very pretty girl advocating a police state in the USA? Should the USA fly B1 bombers over the jihadis here (because we know they are here)? Why does she think that a tactic that would fail to work here would work there?

Put differently, does she think that bombing jihadis there would keep them from coming here? Jihadis are already here. Or, does she think that bombing jihadis there would attract the jihadis here to go there? Jihadis can stay in the West and 'peacefully' accomplish their goals via immigration and intimidation without getting killed. The real story are the jihadis who stay in the West rather than the jihadis who travel to fight overseas.

The question is how to protect all other Americans from Muslim 'Americans' who are busy 'peacefully' creating the ummah by using the contrived but effective foil of 'good cop' moderate Muslims to 'bad cop' radical Muslims - where moderate Muslims completely religiously, culturally, psychologically, financially, and legally support radical Muslims.

The answer is discomfiting to pretty white Western girls who simplistically suggest bombing deserts - instead of taking meaningful actions against the existence and spread of Islam and growing Muslim populations in the West.

Egghead said...

From Macbeth:

"She should have died hereafter.

There would have been a time for such a word.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more. It is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing."

Egghead said...

Summary: How precisely did the pretty girl get from "we have jihadis over here who appear quite normal (i.e., moderate)" to "let's bomb the desert over there"? Yeesh!

Egghead said...

Western Muslim dad forces his 12 year old to marry:

Hesperado said...

Sure Egghead, your analysis in your first comment was mostly cogent. I was being forgiving in the sense of reaching more people. Btw, I liked the video before I ever saw her -- someone played the audio for me. The relatively short presentation has punch that sure, on closer inspection is full of asymptotic flaws; but there are contexts and occasions where punchy rhetoric generally steers in the right direction.

Egghead said...

I like to call it babes leading babes....

Evidently, this very pretty girl is 22 years old which means that she has grown up with a healthy dose of PC MC propaganda via news and television - if not also schools.

She identifies two separate problems 1) Muslims do NOT act like 'real' Americans, and 2) Muslims do NOT act like 'real' Americans even when raised in America and living in America.

Unfortunately, she CANNOT bring herself to suggest solutions that tackle the problems in America - and thus falsely pretends (perhaps even to herself) that national problems can be solved via American international actions.

This very pretty girl contradicts her contentions by her own omissions. She cares VERY much that Abdulazeez was a nice quiet 'moderate' mixed martial arts competing Muslim American immigrant boy who 'spontaneously' erupted into radical Islamism. She cares SO much that she MUST pretend that there are two versions of Islam: moderate and radical.

Do you think that she would ever blame and advocate criminal actions and civil lawsuits against the murderer's parents or American Muslim religious advisors for his 'radical' indoctrination?

Do you think that she would advocate the mass deportation of even radical Muslims - let alone moderate Muslims - from the West?

Do you think that she would advocate for the closing of ALL mosques in the West?

This very pretty girl is simply another human propaganda tool used to confuse the white Christian population. In an age where the USA government is CERTAIN to draft women for the next war, this very pretty girl contends that we should commense war actions overseas that will have ZERO effect to diminish Islamism in America, BUT which will murder and traumatize white Christian women of child bearing age - thus clearing the field for more non-white non-Christian population expansion into formerly white Christian lands.

Egghead said...

I have children of an age to be drafted in the next war, so I see EXACTLY what is going on here....

I am grievously OFFENDED by her patently ridiculous and hopelessly ineffective 'solutions' for Muslim American terrorism.

I contend that she would rethink her 'solutions' if she had half a thought that SHE herself would be drafted in the next war.

But, she sure is pretty and she offers standard war hawk blather which would serve to increase the military budget - and which is why she got positive attention.

She changes the topic from mitigating Muslim American danger to punishing foreign Muslims.