Wednesday, July 22, 2015


No, my title isn't referring to a new interstate.  Come to think of it, in a way it is, insofar as the international superhighway of the Internet is and will be paving the way for the slow but sure process of Western Awakening to the problem of Islam.

Broadly speaking, as we look ahead into the first few decades of this 21st century, we see that eventually the rubber will meet the road, as (pardon my mix of metaphor) this train wreck of a disaster unfolds.  I say eventually because the mountains of data about Islam and Muslims, and the oceans of dots that scream for connection, all indicate that there is a global revival of Islam afoot, and Muslims are going to get horribly worse in behavior as they push the envelope of that revival in the decades ahead. 

In a way, most of the reason why this will be a horrible train wreck of a disaster is because of the achingly slow pace of the West's Awakening in the face of this Islamic revival, whereby the West continues to add insult to injury by actively promoting its Denial as some kind of righteous wisdom. 

Because Muslims will most assuredly get worse and worse (we can count on it), the West will eventually wake up and deal rationally with the problem.  The question is not Whether, but When.  As sure as one can be that Muslims will get worse, so too is it reasonable to predict that the West will not wake up until it is almost too late, and only after several million of us will have been mass-murdered in various ways, through various terror attacks perpetrated by Muslims in the West, with several million more injured and/or writhing in the agonies of the fallout of biological or chemical toxins or radiation disease. 

As sure as the predicted behaviors of chemicals when we combine them, we can predict that Muslims will get horribly worse, Western PC MCs will resist rational self-defense for as long as humanly possible, and finally, when it's almost too late, the latter will react and respond, appropriately.

Part of this process involves my title:  I-15.  Standing for “Islam-15″, of course. To discuss the problem of Islam, naturally.

The West as a whole needs to—will (eventually)—set up a multi-national conference on the Problem of Islam.

Perhaps modeled after the “G8″ summits that have been held annually—the “Group of Eight” (used to be 5), “which brought together the heads of the richest industrialized countries: France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada starting in 1976″ which beginning in 1997, also included Russia, to discuss matters of geopolitical/economic moment. Call the new formation ɪ-15, to include France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, Scandinavia, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel, Russia, and Eastern Europe nations (as a bloc).

This should be the first step to take. But of course, there are steps that must be taken before this first step, only because the West with regard to this problem has been running on fumes, for every step forward taking two steps back.


Step -1: Prior to Step 1, the Counter-Jihad needs to wake up its own West so that its own West realizes it has to take Step 1...

And before that can happen, we need a step yet before that…

Step -2: Prior to Step Negative 1, the Counter-Jihad needs to get its shit together.

I.e., the Counter-Jihad needs to realize that the most important activity it can engage in involves information & communication in the context of a War of Ideas.

And for this to work, it needs to produce a definitive, digitalized Anti-Islam Manual (which would also be an Anti-PC MC Manual). And by “definitive” I mean that it would be so complete and useful, it would render all other information—that vast profusion of Too Much Information out there that causes the eyes to glaze over—obsolete.

Speaking of eyes glazing over, the nature of the problem is sufficiently complex that it has forced me to articulate a post so long, with so many moving parts, I fear it loses the attention span of most readers...


Now, when I said at the beginning that the most likely prediction of the future sees the West waking up almost too late, after millions of us have been mass-murdered by Muslims, I wasn't then subsequently in my essay equating that eventual awakening with the “I-15” of my title.  That subsidiary process represents only one of the penultimate chain of events in a long, drawn-out, clunky devolution groping for a clearer, surer handle on the ongoing catastrophe.


Egghead said...

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Egghead said...

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Anonymous said...

It's not a lack of a manual or education that is harming us, it's a political/ruling class that is doesn't care about what is going on around them.

Right now they are quite content to import these human time bombs by the millions and let them randomly kill us at will.

It doesn't matter how many times Muslim butchers say they are doing it the name of Islam, our military and political leaders deny it time after time. Some things they don't want to hear.

I have every confidence that if the Muzzies in Malmo burn down the city and butcher the Swedes(which will happen), the Swedish political class will just explain it away and then order a increase Muslim immigration to fix things. Same for London or Berlin.

Look at the paroxysm of rage elicited from the establishment when Trump brought up our open borders and hordes of criminal illegals. They want to shut him up so bad it's nuts. You should have seen some of the Fox talking heads like Bushite Dana Perino go batshit crazy over what he said. Look the establishment is very content the way things are. They don't care if some Muzzie or wetback butchers Americans or Europeans.


Egghead said...

'...and let them randomly kill us at will.'

Who says that the murders are random?!

Tucked into what appear to be 'random' murderers and murder victims are CLEAR messages to various political, religious, financial, business, educational, media, etc. leaders that those leaders had better tow the Communist - and for now Islamic - party line or someone's beloved spouse or child or parent - or all of the above - is more than likely to be either the next blamed perpetrator or actual victim of a brutal 'random' crime.

The black riots NEVER have been - and still are NOT - random either. Black rioters have always had lots of help getting where they 'need' to be.