Friday, November 20, 2015

A second opinion from Dr. Hesperado...

Extrapolating from my recent "Thinking the Unthought" essay about a new book out of France called Islamectomy, I extend the metaphor by riffing off the medical terms above, inflected by the problem of Islam.

-ectomy: the forcible removal of Muslims from the West.

Discussion:  Sure, we could first politely ask millions of Muslims to leave; but it's unlikely they'll do so en masse voluntarily.  And "forcible" doesn't necessarily mean killing, much less does it intend the genocide which seems to be the real anxiety of all PC MCs and Counter-Jihad Softies. Of course, such a vast project would not be a piece of cake; but does that mean it's impossible?  Given the state of technological and scientific advancement of the modern West, a West that has done amazing things in the last two centuries, the main impediment as I see it is not technical or legal, but psychological & cultural.  And for that impediment, the best prescription in a free society is, as I argued in my two recent essays by the same name, to think the unthought.

-orrhaphy: fixing the problem of Islam by a little non-invasive surgery:  "Good news, Mr. West:  We'll have you playing the violin again sooner than you can say 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'...!"

Discussion:  I.e., the horrendous, systemic, metastasizing problem of Islam as it undergoes the convulsions of a global revival of Jihad in the 21st century can be managed by tinkering a bit with security (tightening a few screws, nuts and bolts here and there), and in the meantime more discussions and conversations with Moderate Reformist Muslims like Maajid Nawaz, Zuhdi Jasser, and Irshad Manji -- oh, and of course, we also need to figure out ways how we Western non-Muslims can stop being so "racist" and "bigoted". This is the prevailing view among all the PC MCs who aren't in such extreme denial that they actually think there is no problem at all.  It's also more or less shared by the Counter-Jihad Softies, where they distinguish themselves only by throwing in some seemingly tough rhetoric about "those damn Muzzies" along with blunt criticism of Islam itself.  In my estimation, Islamorrhaphy is simply delaying the inevitable by denying the inevitable is going to happen (i.e., Muslims are not metastasizing, they are not getting horribly worse, it's a relatively stable problem that can be managed with conservative medicine, nothing to get yourself overly worried about, here have a lollipop and stop being an alarmist; etc.).

It is basically a program of plugging the leaks of the Titanic by playing Whack-a-Mo with the TMOEs (Tiny Minority of Extremists who have nothing to do with Islam, discerned as such by playing Eeny-Meeny-Miney Mo, catch an "extremist Islamist" by the toe).

-oscopy: looking into the problem with more "expert analysts"

Discussion:  Yes, that's the ticket:  We just need to look into the problem more with think tanks and round-table discussion forums and State Department policy papers & recommendations and academic studies and op-eds and blogs -- meanwhile soliciting the advice of Good Cops (if you're as stupid as the PC MC mainstream) or the Better Cops (if you're somewhat less stupid Counter-Jihad Softies) into how to fix the problem by surgically detaching Islam from "Islamist extremism" -- an operation which will have two benefits:  1) it will solve this most vexing problem (sounding like Dr. Nick of The Simpsons); and 2) it will allow you Westerners to still feel ethically good about yourself (you aren't a "hater" who "tars all Muslims with the same brush").  What a deal, eh?

-ostomy: formation of a permanent, artificial opening.

Discussion:  I believe we have been doing this procedure for several decades: creating an opening in the West ample and generous enough to allow in a Trojan Horse (or rather, Trojan Camel) in the form of millions of Muslims at first percolating in from the 1970s forward; then, after 911, with additional surgery widening the hole of our collective anus, receiving a more comprehensive rape from our future Muslim Masters.  Two things make this process seem healthy and even pleasurable to the typical Westerner deformed by PC MC:  1) it's long and slow (though recently there have been troubling exacerbations of the force of the thrusts deep inside us -- which, alas, only seem to be having the effect on the West that a rapist might have on his Stockholm Syndrome victim); and 2) the deformation of PC MC tends to blur & distort the vision of the Westerner, such that when a Trojan Horse is moving in, his starry eyes only see a Statue of Liberty, holding its welcoming torch out to poor Muslims of the world streaming in, and declaring:

"Give me your tired, your poor, 
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore,
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"


Anonymous said...

Oh no Mr. Hesperado these medical terms sound terrible, even if they work.

A Trojan Camel huh? Not really, but I do get the allusion. I don't think the Trojan Camel covers it. It's worse than that. It's something bigger than a mere model, a hollow sculpture of a reeking camel that we've pulled through our gates -(as if we had gates)- a subversive, ruse-gift filled with swarthy hordes of poisonous, murderous, Muslims. We'd have to be masochists to believe that are any gifts for us from anywhere in Islamaolandia, Dar-al-Whatever. (Cue a Monty Python LOB riff, "What have the Muslims ever done for us?") Oil doesn't count. More than the cash price, we're paying too much for it and the Saudis like it that way.

The collective noun for camel is, caravan, flock, or train.

Since Muslims would never have thought of the steam engine on their own and because scientific innovation is an extreme rarity in the depressingly numerous Musloidistans, "train" wouldn't be quite the right noun; "caravan" is better for that desert bedouin feel.

In keeping with your "Problem of the Problem" thing, I'd say we have a caravan of caravans problem here.

-Still planning to post on your "Why I Snapped," essay, but it'll be a trick to get it done. I tend to overwrite and that's bad.

I have to say by contrast, several of your recent essays are good. They're mini-skirts: long enough to cover the subject, short enough to be interesting.

Yorick of Snarkinore

Hesperado said...

Thanks Yorick. I also think I tend to be verbose and difficult to read sometimes, but I usually don't care enough about that aspect to try to modify my style overmuch. I figure the Counter-Jihad has, and should have, many different styles and approaches. Other times I try to be pithier.

Yes of course the influx of Muslims is more of a caravan or a multitude of caravans. As I wrote in an essay here "Islamonnui" in the spring of 2013:

Boston wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back. That camel's back has been broken for years, made to walk with a limp shouldering his humps across the sands his fellows are hiding their heads in, taking little comfort in the trickles of the water of uncommon sense one may eke out at the occasional oases that dot a wasteland replenished by the banks of De Nile riddled with the caravanserais of hijra-bound Mohammedan immigrants hell-bent on their epochal desideratum to infiltrate, occupy and conquer by various means -- from mere but massive demographic aggrandizement; to slyly deceptive propaganda and protestations of peaceful intentions; to the slow and steady stillicide of terror attacks -- from Manhattan to Moscow to Madrid, from Amman to Amsterdam, from Lebanon to London, from Beslan to Boston -- calculated over a long time to wear down the fiber of an otherwise superior enemy.

I often forget how fed up I've already been in the past; when I revisit some of my writings from long ago, I really wonder how I've kept going at all.

By the way, your name reminds me of a scene in Hamlet (scene V), where after Hamlet has been trying to have a sincere conversation with the gravediggers and one of them keeps giving him the runaround, Hamlet exclaims:

How absolute the knave is! we must speak by the
card, or equivocation will undo us.

I noticed, to my increasing aggravation, that most of the non-Muslims on Paltalk chat who defended Islam and attacked the counter-jihadists were just like this gravedigger.