Saturday, November 21, 2015

Well, it's been another quiet week in Lake Mobegone...

German soccer match canceled after police discover bomb truck disguised as ambulance

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And before the Paris attack, it was another quiet week in Lake Mobegone (one of its tributaries, so I'm told, is that ol' River in Egypt; and those who are in De Nile are also in (the) Seine ...): 

In compliance with Islamic demands, Indonesian authorities in the Aceh region have started to tear down Christian churches. Their move comes after Muslim mobs rampaged and attacked churches. At least one person was killed; thousands of Christians were displaced. 

Imams? How could this happen? Don’t they know the Qur’an teaches peace? John Kerry should jet over to Senegal and explain Islam to these imams. Too much misunderstanding going on.

Ingrid Carlqvist, a Senior Distinguished Fellow at the Gatestone Institute. Ingrid came on the show to discuss Sweden: On the Verge of Collapse, unveiling the cliff that Sweden is speeding toward—as the mass wave of Muslim “refugees” overwhelms the country

Canada: Teen Muslim convert charged with encouraging violence for Islamic State

UK: Muslims attack convert from Islam to Christianity with pickaxe

Italy: Muslim pupils refuse to observe minute of silence for Paris victims

Muslims murder 1 Israeli, wound 9 others in shooting and run-over attack

Mali jihad attack: at least 27 murdered as hostage situation ends

Eight Syrians caught at Texas border in Laredo

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My introductory satire on Garrison Keillor's "Lake Wobegone" monologues:

Well, it's been another quiet week in Lake Mobegone...

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And others in the series:


Nobody said...

You missed the attacks in Mali yesterday

Incidentally, Trump had the right idea when he suggested a Muslim database, even if he backpedalled to a database of Syrian refugees. In, you already have a database of Muslims who've committed Jihadi acts since 9/11. So it makes perfect sense to have a database of Muslims in any country, so that one can comb through a more managable number of suspects, than the entire population

Hesperado said...

Thanks Nobody,

I haven't taken a close look at, but I did notice at points in the past it seemed they didn't have a total complete log. Plus, I'm not clear on whether they log aborted terror plots -- which definitely should be counted.

Hesperado said...

PS: I just checked -- I did already put in notices about the Mali attack.