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No, my title unfortunately does not refer to a technique of giving our Useful Idiots the much needed enema they deserve with a fire-hose charged full of their own sewage which by the liquid ton they've been pumping & spewing into the climate of opinion for the past 14 years since 911.

My title instead refers to the science of knowing our enemy (which, pace our imbecilic mainstream, is not rocket science, though it does take a little effort in lifting the lid off one's closed-minded, politically correct Box).

Perhaps the most important source of an Enemology during horrific, trying times as these, is not the bloated pretense to intelligence churned out by the bushelful by our "expert analysts" in the mainstream as they try earnestly with brows appropriately furrowed to "understand" the "situation" -- but rather may be contained in the testimonies & recollections of ordinary eyewitnesses to attacks such as occurred in Paris on Friday.

A few have trickled out, which I've garnered from the French news media.  Far more need to be actively sought & solicited by journalists.

1) An emergency doctor for a major Paris hospital requesting anonymity told Le Point:

"At the beginning of the night, moreover, we didn't realize how the victims had been wounded by bullets to the buttocks and the legs, and not the chest, as when the shooter [usually] aims at the upper part of [his target]."

A most curious detail.  Was this a method of torture inflicted by the Muslims?  Shooting parts of the body that would insure utmost pain, but not immediate death?

"We then also learned that the victims were laid out, sometimes one on top of the other, and the terrorists dragged them across the floor, like they were animals."

The doctor also spoke of the condition of the survivors who arrived at his Paris hospital in the hours after the attack:

"It was unreal.  The wounded were hagard and wild-looking, totally."

This detail which the doctor -- experienced in emergency care -- found remarkable, bespeaks the profound effect of the terror inflicted by the Muslims, and offers a glimpse into the sidération (as the French counter-terrorism analyst has termed it) successfully wrought by them.

2) An ordinary bystander who for the purposes of the interview called himself "Christophe".

The newspaper reported that his voice sounded weak and fatigued.  He hadn't slept in two days.  Nevertheless, he told his story of what he saw on Friday night, when he found himself at a restaurant called Cellar, just 3 minutes away from the Bataclan. He was a regular there.  The patron was one of his friends.  At 7:35 pm, while he was drinking a glass at a table outside the restaurant, Christophe saw a black Polo automobile arrive:  "They parked practically right in front of my table even though they had plenty of space to park.  I found that bizarre.  The driver had managed his steering wheel poorly.  I got up to go tell them they had parked badly.  They didn't open their windows, and they looked at me mechanically.  You'd think they were zombies, like they were zoned out on drugs."

Christophe went back to drink his glass yet still observed the men in the vehicle.  They had their lights off, but the motor was still running.  "I saw the driver's face clearly and that of the passenger because they had begun texting on their smartphones, which lit up their faces.  The passenger used his device first.  His face looked European, with a clipped beard and an Islamic head-dress [cheich].  He had a black shirt on and also a bandana on his head.  The driver also was a European, the type who converts to Islam."

Shortly thereafter, at about 8:15 pm, Christophe said he saw a police car pass by, not noticing anything amiss.  At 9:30, Christophe left the restaurant while the four men in the Polo car were still there. He learned that bombs had exploded at the Stade de France. At 9:40, he tried many times to notify the police by telphone -- "80 times at least" -- but got no response.

A few minutes later, the nightmare at the Bataclan began.

3) The UK paper The Daily Mirror reports the eyewitness account of tortures using knives during the protracted horror of the Bataclan massacre.  I haven't yet read it to see if there are any additional useful details.

Update: I read it the story linked above.  The only further details to note is that the surviving eyewitness, Mariesha Payne, wasn't really an eyewitness to the knife tortures per se, as she and her friend and two others found a "cellar" to hide in during the ordeal.  Nevertheless, she said she could hear the screams of those who had not yet been shot, and because of the nature of the screams ("these were singular screams"), she surmised that they must have been tortured.  One can only imagine, with a shudder of horror, what "singular screams" must mean...  She also noted that:

"When we escaped a man trapped on the level where it happened said to us the terrorists were stabbing people in the stomach. We were told they were throwing explosives at people. It was a horrendous ordeal."

One wonders if the "throwing explosives at people" was not merely murderous, but also calculated to torture, both physically and psychologically.

In addition, she reports that many males among the victims pleaded with the terrorists to spare their wives and girlfriends -- which may indicate that a kind of sadistic psychological torture was being played out by the terrorists as well.


Egghead said...

Well, not to worry, because the paper found someone to say that one of the fugitive terrorists is a 'really nice guy'....


One more smiling 'moderate' Muslim face to add to your catalog....

Hesperado said...

Yes thanks, I read about that. Though the French paper I read reported that --

He was described by his neighbors and friends and work colleagues as a “moderate Muslim, gentle, convivial, and shy…”

-- the only photo I can find of him doesn't show him smiling, so I can't use it for my "Smiling Faces" gallery.


Hesperado said...

P.S.: the above Muslim I was referring to was Samy Animour.

Egghead said...

My link is for Salah Abdeslam.

Hesperado said...

Thanks Egghead,

At first I couldn't find a good photo of this Salah Abdeslam other than the one constantly shown in the media where he looks like some child star from The Little Rascals in arrested development as a young adult -- until I found this one I could use for my "Smiling Faces" gallery (which really needs the extra touch of an actual smile):


Though he seems a bit scruffy there, the important thing is that he's smiling and he's a Brown Person -- all that Guilty Whites need to embrace him with warm multiculturalist acceptance.

I believe his Arabic name means "Peace Slave of Islam" btw.