Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why I snapped...

-- Herbert Lom as "Chief Inspector Dreyfus" driven to desperation by his maddening nemesis, Inspector Clouseau 

As I indicated in a recent post-Paris post -- Something snapped yesterday -- I snapped not so much because of yet another Mohammedan atrocity to add to all the others over the years bursting forth to assault our globally digitalized attention; nor did I snap so much because of the wearisome, unsurprising spasms of politically correct multi-culturalism along with deeply flawed analysis which erupted throughout the West in the wake of this Mohammedan atrocity du jour.  I snapped because the Counter-Jihad failed me.

What I mean by that is fleshed out in more detail in the essay I linked.  In a nutshell, it hit me that the two Counter-Jihad communities in which I had invested so much time and energy over the past ten years -- Jihad Watch comments and Paltalk chat (mostly in their various supposedly anti-Islam chat rooms) -- were overall environments ridden & riddled with various flaws.  The flaws include such things as

1) indulging mediocre and/or fallacious memes (e.g., "the Leftists" are the main or only reason why the West remains blind to the problem of Islam)

2) showing insufficient interest in organizing into a tighter community with more coordinated tactics calculated to deal with the context each community faces on a daily basis

3) a tendency to indulge in cliquish high school behavior whereby in-fighting, friendships and alliances seem to become more important than combatting Islam and its PC MC enablement through a war-of-ideas strategy (which brings us back to #2)

and a particularly aggravating one --

4) a tendency to encourage (or to fail to discourage) an egregious softness about the problem of Muslims

Much more can be said about these four flaws.  A fifth one could be added to them, insofar as I wouldn't mind if all four flaws persist to some extent, if the following fifth flaw had not been so prevalent:

5) a disinterest in (or even fear of) engaging in deep conversation about ideas for quality control & improving the community -- a deep conversation that, because it would be deep and honest, robust yet conducted in a spirit of good faith, might well have the effect of "rocking the boat".  Whenever I have tried to spark such a conversation, if I pressed too hard, I invariably encountered resistance that seemed founded on a fear that we shouldn't disagree ("Come on now, let's not fight each other, we have those damned Muzzies and Leftists to fight -- don't let them see us fighting each other, they will only laugh at us", etc.)

After Paris 11/13/15, I realized I needed a real Counter-Jihad community -- not the vain, false hope of one.

For more in-depth details on this protracted mess & disappointment, I here list some of the many essays I've written in my exasperation at the Counter-Jihad's lack of true community.  The reader may notice that the first one expresses my jaded fatigue at the Problem of the Problem -- PC MC -- not the Counter-Jihad per se.  The reader may consider that first essay to be a springboard to why I snapped:  namely, the Counter-Jihad's failure to deal adequately with the Problem of the Problem, thus creating a "tertiary problem":  the Problem of the Problem of the Problem.

The list of essays:


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Egghead said...

Well, Muslims are sure making it hard to ignore their true nature:


Anonymous said...

You "snapped" because your narcissism ran out of "rivers" to look into. You're just plain nuts, Bob. Your PalTalk nonsense sealed the deal for me. You're certifiable, and JihadWatch is all the better for your leaving, Donkey!

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