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Europe suffers its first Mumbai

"It was a human sea of dead people, it was horrible." -- an eyewitness named Melissa who survived the massacre at the Bataclan concert hall, in a statement to the press.


Over the weekend, I've been reading here and there from the two main French newspapers, Le Monde and Le Figaro; the former supposedly liberal, the latter supposedly conservative -- i.e., both reliably PC MC about Islam and not appreciably differing from each other on the more important dimension of the Paris attacks (they may as well be called "Le Frick et le Frack"...).

The Mumbai-style Attack:

"Six attacks took place simultaneously in Paris and in Saint-Denis, on Friday November 13."

So ran one of the headlines from the French newspapers on Saturday.  The map I pasted up above shows the locations of those attacks.  Three teams of Muslims attacked these six places, at least two of the teams by car, all armed with assault rifles and bomb-vests and perhaps additional explosives.  The only place out of the six where one of the teams of terrorists failed to wreak their full damage was at the sports stadium, Stade de France, where a soccer game was going on and French President Hollande was in attendance (quickly rushed out as the details became known).  There, two of the terrorists tried to gain entry but were turned back then seconds later their suicide bomb vests exploded.  Both terrorists died, also killing a passerby.  Around the same time, another Muslim exploded at a nearby McDonald's.  Other places attacked were a restaurant, Le Petit Cambodge and a bar, Le Carillon, where a combined 15 people were murdered, then a café, La Belle Equipe, where 19 were murdered. The highest number of casualties and the worst terror took place at a large concert hall, the Bataclan, over the span of at least 3 hours, during which some 89 people were massacred (and over 300 wounded, a high number of which in grave condition).  All seven (or was it eight?) terrorists exploded in Islamic suicide at the climax of their mass-murder.


I recall noting a few times over the past couple of years how there hasn't yet been a Mumbai-style attack in Europe, though there had been one in the Indian city for which we give it the name, as well as two in Kenya.  The Mumbai-style terror attack seems distinct from other types of Islamic terror attacks we've seen in the West to date -- the bombing of trains as in London in 2005 and in Madrid in 2004; the spectacular attack using jets in 911; the various small-scale assassinations or massacres (Theo Van Gogh; Fort Hood; the 2012 shootings over several days of 7 victims including three schoolchildren in the south of France; etc.); and finally various so-called "lone wolf" attacks of seemingly solitary Muslim stabbing or shooting people.  This is of course a drastically abbreviated list, just for discursive purposes here.

And obviously, the Mumbai attack wasn't the first time Muslims deployed the Mumbai-style attack; the phrase merely denotes a warp in the various turning points the West has experienced and/or noticed as the 21st century unravels out of the startling Islamic jus belli of 911, devolving more and more into a global revival of Islamic jihad.  Sans modern weapons and communications technology, it could be said that Mohammedans have been deploying all the aforementioned styles of terror for centuries, all the way back to the first century (the 7th) when they first stormed out of the desert to terrorize their way east and west, violently wresting an empire soon to be larger than that of Alexander the Great's and even that of the Romans.

What makes the Mumbai-style attack distinctive is that it resembles a commando military or guerrilla operation in which a band of Muslims goes into an urban center and starts shooting and throwing explosives in order to inflict maximum carnage and terror almost at random.  The eponymous attacks in Mumbai in November of 2008 lasted four days, during which time at least ten Muslims conducted a dozen attacks in the colorfully bustling city of Mumbai -- killing 164 people and wounding at least 308.  Just think about what it takes for ten men to murder 164 random people in a city and wound over 300 (it's reasonable to assume they wanted to murder those who luckily only ended up wounded).  The other Mumbai-style attacks occurred in a shopping mall in the city of Nairobi, Kenya in 2013 and at Garissa University (over 350 miles from Nairobi) in 2015.  In the former attack, nearly 70 people were massacred, with nearly 170 wounded.  In the latter attack, some 147 were massacred and dozens wounded.  As CNN put it:

The death toll is the highest in a terror attack on Kenyan soil since the U.S. Embassy was bombed in 1998. More than 200 people died in the Nairobi blast.  

And guess what -- both attacks, and that 1998 bombing:  all done by Muslims.

The details of those two Mumbai-style attacks in Kenya are ghoulishly alarming: among other horrible things, the Muslim gunmen went around for hours torturning, shooting and stabbing people; they held guns up to people's heads demanding that they answer correctly Islamic Q&A questions (e.g., the name of Muhammad's mother); and perhaps most grotesquely, they took prayer breaks in between their tortures and slaughters -- because, apparently, their massacre took so long, it temporally straddled the hours of two of the five Islamic daily prayers.  I find it doubtful that tortures did not also take place in Paris (particularly during the many hours the terrorists held so many hostage in the Bataclan concert hall).  Thus far, no newspaper has reported such, although one emergency doctor in an interview with the French paper Le Point did say that he found it curious that so many of the victims, according to survivor testimony told to medical personnel, had been shot in the buttocks and legs -- apparently on purpose -- rather than in the upper torso or head.  This might indicate at least one form of torture.  Update:  I learned from a reader that according to the UK paper The Daily Mirror, eyewitnesses to the Bataclan massacre indeed recount horrific tortures, using knives, going on during the prolonged nightmare.

Now and then since the eponymous Mumbai attack in 2008, I would consider how Europe had not yet suffered a Mumbai-style attack; and I recall saying to my erstwhile counter-jihad "community" in some Paltalk room or other that it would probably be several more years before Muslims took it to the next level to launch such an attack any place in the heart of Europe.  I had good reason to think it would happen some day -- since Muslims have been getting worse demonstrably over the past 15 years -- but I just didn't think it would happen this soon.

A Paris Mumbai?

The only differences I can discern between the Paris attacks and the classic Mumbai razzia are the following:

1) No follow-up attacks targeting Jews specifically (though some speculate this was rendered superfluous by the heavily Jewish significance of the Bataclan concert hall itself, which has had Jewish owners for decades who have promoted pro-Israel causes at the venue, and has been threatened over the years by Muslims).

2) No coordination by cell phone with remote "handlers" -- at least, I haven't read of any, though that doesn't mean authorities won't discover that was an element.

Otherwise, the Paris attacks fit quite well into the model.  What would be the military point -- tactically and strategically -- of such an attack?  Primarily, in answering that question, we must remind ourselves that Muslims are not capable of mounting a conventional military invasion (as, for example, Hitler did in the summer of 1940 when he invaded France).  We must also keep in mind that Muslims want to invade and conquer.  Since they want to, but are incapable of it in conventional terms, they must chip away at the West in unconventional terms.  That's what "terrorism" is all about.  And it's not a modern phenomenon.  Muslim armies chipped away at Byzantium (the eastern part of the West, and the prize jewel in the Middle Ages, since it was the most advanced) for centuries in little terror raids on the periphery, piercing through now and then, but often beaten back -- until finally, the day came when they were able to actually conquer the capital of Byzantium, Constantinople, in 1453.

Certainly, the style of "chipping away" back then was more brazen, and also the asymmetry in terms of technological and military advancement was not so pronounced (i.e., both sides were approximately equal in technology and military might), and so the "chipping away" which Muslims did was more candidly military.  In our time, the asymmetry is quite frankly staggering.  But for all our superiority on all levels compared with Muslims, they have gained a toe-hold in terms of certain factors -- immigration, infiltration, our PC MC Useful Idiocy, their ability to get hold of money through criminal enterprise and through wealthy Muslim benefactors and various Muslim nations (Saudi Arabia, UAE, and probably others); and, finally, their ability to get hold of of Western weapons (light years ahead of what they could develop on their own).

The Paris attacks could not have been pulled off had there not existed in French culture a disinclination to crack down on their resident millions of Muslims in more rational ways -- i.e., by instituting measures that would treat the broad majority with high suspicion without any ostensible evidence of any wrongdoing.  This culture of disinclination, of course, is the mainstream PC MC that continues to debilitate the entire West as the problem of Muslims pursuing their Islam continues to metastasize.

Just one example of scores (if not hundreds) one could pluck from a beret by which to adduce this culture of PC MC in France: 
Alain Juppé, former prime minister and now mayor of Bordeaux, seeking the nomination of France's main conservative party, blurted out his PC MC fart soon after the Paris attacks:

Sur le plateau du JT de France 2, Alain Juppé a lancé un "appel aux Français musulmans". "Il faut que leurs autorités morales et spirituelles s'engagent, a-t-il demandé. Il faut qu'ils disent 'ça n'est pas ma religion'".

"On the TV station JT de France 2,  Alain Juppé formally launched an "appeal to French Muslims" -- "Their moral and spiritual leaders must engage," he said.  "They must say that 'This is not my religion'..."

But... but... s'il vouz plaît, Monsieur Juppé... why "must" they say that "this is not their religion"... when we all know it is, in fact, their religion...?  With all due respect, Monsieur Juppé, do you want them to lie about their own religion...?

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What's depressing is that seven years later, the shit is still the same, and it's hitting the fan, and nobody seems to really give a shit.


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Read this article and then search for the comment by ricpic about the triumph of materialism. How does this relate to Gnosticism?

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Here the commenter Flappingeagle says the same thing in vernacular language:

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I find it doubtful that tortures did not also take place in Paris (particularly during the many hours the terrorists held so many hostage in the Bataclan concert hall)

Your assumption is apparently correct. At this point, what cruelty can't be attributed to Muslims?

Yorick of Snarkinore

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Thanks Yorick. Your link didn't work, but I easily found the store; will adjust my essay (and my latest essay) accordingly.

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Under your Enemology essay, Christophe appears to have witnessed remote cell phone coordination with handlers for the two hours prior to the attack.