Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Je suis Jésuite!

Although Jesuit Father (and astrophysicist) Manuel Carreira is Spanish, I feel moved to champion my motto as a variation on the recent public affirmation in solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo jihad attack.  Not because Father Carreira was himself attacked; but because his statements about Islam are so wonderfully incorrect.  Indeed, because they are superb, they themselves constitute, in our crucial war of ideas, a positive counter-attack (as do all articulations free of PC MC).

A recent Jihad Watch report notes that in an interview, Father Carreira spoke his thoughts about Islam -- and what a breath of invigorating, refreshing air those thoughts are!  My readers are encouraged to read the full report, but I will cite two quotes here:

Islam is “completely unable” to respect human dignity and human rights...
Carreira mainly sees a threat to Western countries, and that is above all Islam. “I would say that Islam is the worst plague that humanity has seen in the past 2000 years.”  Islam is “completely unable” to develop, respect for human dignity.
For Muslims it is therefore “impossible to respect human rights and the Western tradition”.

And so forth. It’s so refreshing (and so bloody rare) to read such thoughts as these on the problem of Islam without finding a few annoying nettles of prevarication or spongy, nougaty fungus buried deep within some outward show of no-nonsense bravado against "extremism".

Of course, being Jesuit remains a paradoxical proposition in our time, seeing that Father Carreira's own Pope is a Jesuit, and is thoroughly besotted with all that is wrong with Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism.

When I recalled that the famous French philosopher René Descartes was trained by Jesuits -- and even the one thing for which he is most famous (the famous epistemological conclusion, Cogito ergo sum) was, according to historian of medieval philosophy Étienne Gilson, probably modeled after typical Jesuit exercises of thought experiments to train in logic -- a light bulb went on in my head.

To wit:  With Jesuit Father Carreira, we can now update this with new Cartesian software:

"I think, therefore I am anti-Islam!"

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