Friday, April 29, 2016

Katie Hopkins notices Auster's "First Law of Majority/Minority Relations"

Or at least she notices a symptom of Auster's "First Law" (which I discussed here), even if she may not have thought it through.  Nearly two years ago, she tweeted:

"Islam supports homophobia. If I object to this homophobia, it's called Islamophobia, seen as 'worse'. We have a new hierarchy of phobias."

This opens a glimpse into what I've been talking about for years -- how Muslims have, with the generous (albeit unwitting) help of Western PC MC, elbowed their way to the top of the Minority Grievance Food Chain.  All the causes of the PC MCs (and of course of their more robustly caffeinated cousins, the Leftists) -- LGBT rights, feminism, black rights & racism, etc. -- get thrown under the bus if any one of them comes in conflict with the immutable right to respect which Muslims demand, and immediately receive from the West. And when Western non-Muslims balk at this, they tend to get penalized by authorities and/or ostracized by polite society.

And who is this Katie Hopkins?  I hadn't heard of her until just tonight.  She's a UK celebrity/pundit who writes pieces for the Mail Online (more of her salty tweets may be found here).  She seems to be sort of a British version of an Anne Coulter/Debbie Schlussel.  Interestingly, she has caught the approving eye of Donald Trump, who just a few months ago tweeted:

"The politicians of the U.K. should watch Katie Hopkins of on FOX news. Many people in the U.K. agree with me!"


Fast-forward to the present, in January of 2017 we find this story, illuminating vividly how gays and blacks are thrown under the bus by the dominant PC MC culture of the West if they come in conflict with Muslims:

DNC boots candidate from chairmanship race for criticizing Islamic law’s discrimination against gays

DNC boots candidate from chairmanship race for criticizing Islamic law’s discrimination against gays


Egghead said...

Truth be told, the biggest sacred cow is anti-Semitism. Western Jews completely support 'Islamophobia' when convenient to use against white Christians, but Jews rule the roost. Look who is castigated in this case:

Here we see outraged reaction to a non-white import to Britain who proposes to deport all Israeli Jews to the United States so as to leave other Middle Easterners in peace.

This is interesting on SO many levels, and the non-white import's lack of self awareness is farcical since it is she who should be deported from white Britain - instead of ruling it as a resident non-white foreigner....

Then again, looking at our current oligarchy, a legitimate argument could be made that Jews are resident foreigners ruling the United States.

Would those who argue to deport Muslims ever argue to deport Jews? And thus we see WHY Jews completely support 'Islamophobia.'

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Egghead said...

Be sure to read the comments. They are excellent!

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From 2014:

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As a pertinent follow up: