Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How long do we have to hold our breath...?

-- The Graduate's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Braddock, wondering why their son Ben won't come up for air.

On Jihad Watch the other day, a contributing writer, Michael Devolin, wrote:

The fact that a sophist like Tarek Fatah is now embedded in Canada’s media and presented as an opponent of Islamic extremism, when in fact his primary concern is the portrayal of Islam the religion as a benign ideology – the very ideology that spawns anti-Jewish extremists – is an example of Islamic imperialism. 

Tarek Fatah is one of those whom I call "Better Cops" because so many in the CJM (Counter-Jihad Mainstream) -- including many civilians -- reflexively and unthinkingly assume he's really a "reformer" just because the sweet taqiyya he whispers in their ears is cleverly self-critical of Islam enough to relax their vigilance.

Devolin's statement, appearing in that bastion of the CJM (Jihad Watch), thus is a healthy baby step.  Will it be followed by a similarly apposite suspicion of all other Better Cops -- Zuhdi Jasser, Maajid Nawaz, Irshad Manji, Asra Nomani, Naser Khader, Tawfik Hamed (and many others)...?

And then will the process of graduating from the Learning Curve be accomplished, summa cum laude, cap & gown and all, by the epiphany that no amount of information about a Muslim "reformer" could ever possibly vet them -- that, in fact, the very fact that they are Muslims damns them axiomatically?

Time to come up for air.


Egghead said...

Yes, apparently every Westerner thinks that foreign agents and spies either 1) fail to exist, or 2) walk right up and identify themselves and their anti-Western goals, or 3) fail to target gullible Westerners, or 4) were born overseas.

Here's a hint: Foreign agents and spies may be Western born - and are very attractive and well spoken people who use charisma and sex (among other techniques) to build trust with their gullible Western marks.

Lebowski1 said...

Ok so this has always been my proposed solution. It is basically aligned with the Total Deportation idea (first banning the practice, promotion, and effectively the belief in Islam from your country), but with one concession to the idea that Not All Muslims are as bad as each other. It is to present each and every Muslim with a statement for them to sign which indicates that they have renounced their faith. If they do this, they are allowed to stay, but are immediately deported to the Islamic State or other Islamic nation if found to violate the agreement in any way.

Too soft?

Egghead said...

Hi Lebowski1,

I am going to answer your question with more questions:

1. Islamic evil enlivened by Muslims: What negative results have you - and those you love - personally experienced due to Muslim actions? What negative results would it take for you to consider the totality of the evil of Islam believed and enlivened by Muslims following the model of Mohammed? If Muslims committed a Beslan in the USA, would that cause you to think twice about deportation? If Muslims used weapons of mass destruction against the USA, would that cause you to think twice about deportation? If Muslims ruled the USA for hundreds of years, would that cause you to think twice about deportation?

2. Islamic doctrine regarding treatment of non-Muslims: How does Islamic doctrine instruct Muslims to interact with non-Muslims? Does Islamic doctrine entreat Muslims to lie to non-Muslims in a multitude of ways including false peace treaties until such time as Muslims are the majority in a society and can enslave and rule non-Muslims?

3. Historical example of Spain: After hundreds of years of harsh Islamic rule (supported by Sephardic Jews) over Christians, Spain deported (versus enslaving or wholesale murdering like Mohammed did) Muslims and Jews. What was the purpose of The Spanish Inquisition?

4. Historical example of India: India split into two countries - with Pakistan as the Muslim country. Today, Muslim Pakistan has a very low non-Muslim population, but India still has a substantial Muslim population.

5. Psychological reality of Islam: Muslims ADMIRE and COPY Mohammed who was a genocidal murderer, slaver, torturer, rapist, and child molester responsible for the torture and murder of more people than any other human in history. If masses of Muslims are willing to cut off their young daughters' private parts, do you think that those Muslims would be willing to sign a mere piece of paper 'renouncing' Islam - and bide their time until Muslims have numerical superiority to implement Sharia Law?

Egghead said...

Read about Beslan and Partition, and then ask if it is worth the risk to guess who is a 'reformed' Muslim?



Egghead said...

Read about hudna - and statistical Islam showing that the purpose of Islam enlivened by Muslims is to violently INTERACT with non-Muslims, and then ask how non-Muslims can 'verify' that Muslims are 'reformed?'



Egghead said...

Read about The Inquisition and realize that the ONLY reason that Muslims and Jews are able to discuss The Inquisition is that Christians omitted to genocide and subjugate Muslims and Jews in the way that Mohammed and Muslims (supported by Jews) genocided and fully subjugated non-Muslims in the many countries that Muslims conquered.

Non-Muslims genocided by Muslims literally have NO ONE left alive to explain their genocide.

Egghead said...

The Catholic view


The Jewish view


Note that Jews understand that Christians were upset about The Talmud.

Egghead said...

Timeline of Islam in Spain (read the Aftermath section - especially the year 1609)


Note that HUNDREDS of years after Muslims in Spain were 'converted' to Christianity, Muslims were trying to re-establish Islam in Spain by violence (rather than peaceful conversion).

Hesperado said...

The problem with Lebowski's proposal above is two-fold:

1) Even if Muslims sign an apostasy statement, we would still have to spend time and money surveilling them 24/7.

2) If too many Muslims sign this statement in order to stay, the pragmatic difficulty of #1 becomes more and more of a burden. The question is, how many is too many? It could be done.

I would favor considering a caveat: Announce to the thousands or hundreds of thousands of Muslims who choose to remain as apostates: "If only one from among your number is caught a) committing terrorism or any kind of violence (which, being done by a Muslim, would be reasonably imputed to be jihad); b) planning (a); or c) saying or writing anything jihad-related -- all of you get deported."

Anonymous said...

Hesperado: Your proposal, just one Moslem committing the crime of jihad as sufficient to justify deportation, will be used by the largely Jewish owned media, Jewish dominated academia and Jewish origin or Jewish agenda-driven politicians to impute group guilt and lashan hora ('evil speech' covered under the 'hate speech' laws) to whatever Christian peoples undertake this as a means of their own survival. Or are you still in denial over the realities of Jewish power, past history of immigration law in the US since 1965's Jewish founded and driven Immigration Act, and the ongoing history of Jewish restrictions on freedom of speech and 'refugee' support (dispossession of native peoples) in Europe? Until you address this reality, what you once termed the 'Jewish problem', and bring it fully into open discussion, there can be no real possibility of any such existential conduct/legislation on the part of any Western peoples, least of all Americans. And pretending that Jews are doing all this out of ignorance, or 'self-loathing', would be laughable were the already visible results of their deliberate actions and tactics not so blatantly tragic to Western and Middle Eastern Christians.

Hesperado said...

My caveat presupposes that the West will have already woken up and implemented total deportation. In that context, voices of objection would perforce be a small minority (as was the case, for example, during the era when Japanese-American Internment was discussed then implemented) -- rather than the vast majority as they are now (including a majority of non-Jews, which a couple of my readers keep neglecting to factor).

Egghead said...

Here is a MUST READ article about Jews and janissaries.


More information about the Christian slave tax (janissary program):





Anonymous said...

Egghead: Although I read the first link and thank you for it, it might help other readers who may not have the time nor inclination to read them, if you were to summarise some of the main points. Re Jews and the devirsme and janissary systems, Jews were not subjected to this unlike the Christians whose children were forcibly taken, circumcised (in violation of original Christian teaching which recognised that circumcision was an act which denied the salvation of Christ and the ending of such human and bodily sacrifice), Jews were in positions of considerable power under the Ottomans and to the disadvantage of Christians, synagogues unlike churches were not destroyed nor their construction forbidden and the large numbers of Jews in the Ottoman Empire was due in no small part to the fact that their treachery against Christians (i.e. Spain) in the Christians' own lands had led to Jews rightly being expelled. And one should also note the predominant role played by Jews in the slave trade in both the Ancient world and the Islamic, both against native European Christians and Africans into the New World. Again, it is what the 'counter-jihad' remains silent over when mentioning Jews (only as supposed victims of evil Christians) that signals where their real loyalties lie and how unlikely they are to ever develop a clear strategy against what, after all, is the resultant of Jewish machinations against Western Christians and Western Civilisation.