Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Mainstream concern is Muslims, not Islam

As I have noted time and time again, the PC MC Mainstream throughout the West persists in its myopia about the problem of Islam because primarily, they are anxiously concerned to protect Muslims in general from the actions of a supposedly tiny minority of extremists who happen (accidentally, apparently) to come out of the overall Muslim demographic.

Only the other day, I posted an essay here (Paradigm Inertia) in which I wrote:

The Western Mainstream all around (and much, much larger and more influential than) the Counter-Jihad persists in its stubborn myopia to the problem of Islam because their focus is really not on Islam, but on Muslims:  They generously assume, on the basis of principles such as "presumed innocent before guilty" and "give the benefit of the doubt" -- further augmented by our perennial Western anxiety over our White Guilt which anxiously moves them to want to avoid "tarring all Muslims with a broad brush" -- that the vast majority of Muslims are "decent moms and pops like the rest of us".

Right on cue, then, we see a mainstream Western news source (the UK Guardian) caution the West in the wake of the Orlando razzia:

“Let's not give in to fear after the Orlando shooting.”
“We should remember not to blame all members of any other religion or political ideology for what one person does.”

And of course, in the immediate aftermath, we saw that:

Florida officials invite Muslim cleric to address to preempt a possible backlash against the Muslim community.

And yet the Counter-Jihad Mainstream (CJM) continues to follow the paradigm of its outdated operating system, which obliges it to train its focus on Islam, not on Muslims.   Were the CJM to refocus in intelligent response to a paradigm shift on the problem, it would then have to face the open-ended problem of Muslims, which fans out from two facts:

1) We cannot, with reliability sufficient for our primary goal of social safety, tell the difference between harmless Muslims (assuming generously that they exist) and dangerous Muslims;


2) The overall Jihad that threatens us is not merely a problem of terrorism in its narrow definition, but includes myriad forms, most of them calculated to give Muslims a complex wedge of infiltration into our societies to enable a more comprehensively violent takeover in the distant future  (many decades, perhaps even a century or two -- Muslims think in long terms, patiently doing what needs to be done, if the enemy is much more powerful than they are, as we are)

Since the CJM is not thinking in these terms, it's not even trying to wake up the West to the actual nature of the problem.  Instead, they are mainly communicating one thing --

Islam is dangerous and inimical to our Western values

-- which gets received by the PC MC Mainstream as "We want to hate all Muslims and want to round them up and genocide them."

And no matter how much the CJM protests this is not what they mean, the larger PC MC Mainstream continues to strawman it.

Meanwhile, Muslims keep getting away with murder...

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