Friday, June 24, 2016


After Brexit, next may come NExit -- as Geert Wilders said after the British "Independence Day":

A recent survey (EenVandaag, Dutch television) shows that a majority of the Dutch want a referendum on EU membership. It also shows that more Dutch are in favour of exit than of remaining in the EU.
The Dutch people deserve a referendum as well. The Party for Freedom consequently demands a referendum on NExit, a Dutch EU exit.

Marine Le Pen reportedly has also called for the French version, FRExit.

Other nations may well follow suit, in a kind of domino effect, whereby the dystopic EUtopia of the Brussels hegemony falls like a house of cards; hopefully, in reverberations across the Pond, also leaving in its wake jokers on the floor and the Trump card standing.

Perhaps this significant baby step augurs the first sign of the achingly slow turnaround of the West's H.M.S. Titanic in its still seemingly inexorable course straight for the Iceslamberg of civilizational catastrophe.

Now, how about a “WExit” -- where every member of the Western family leaves the politically correct multi-culturalism that has dominated the cultural mainstream of the entire West, restores individual sovereignty, and pledges to work together in voluntary and respectful solidarity to round up all resident Muslims and deport them, then quarantine them in economic isolation & militarily enforced travel restrictions within the Dar-al-Islam.

That’ll be my next sci-fi/fantasy novel…


Hesperado said...

Diana West in her posting today wrote:

What to say? Good news takes some getting used to.

How about: Take that, globalists!

Or: Nationalists of the one-word-goverment, disunite!

Next up, Frexit, Nexit -- and US out of UN.

Sky's the limit.


I'll see that, and raise it: Not only the US out of the UN, but the UN out of the US -- kick all those colorfully garbed world diplomats of all the different hues of a 64-pack Crayola box of crayons with all their funny hats and bedsheets out of New York City, and convert that massive United Nations complex on E. 42nd street in Manhattan into an "Anti-Islam Library and Study Center".

That'll be for my follow-up sci-fi/fantasy novel...

Anonymous said...

I think you will find that the Rockefellers donated the space presently occupied by the UN to that body in perpetuity. One would have to have a Federal Government which was prepared to assert the concept of eminent domain and thereby 'foreclose on the mortgage.' Perhaps a candidate for the Presidency, with a good head for, and a proven track record in, business, might entertain the notion if he eventually achieved the position...

Mary Jackson said...

As a Brit, I'd like to say this is the best news in a long time. Brexit, Frexit, Nexit, and if Sweden leaves ...

(Well perhaps the EU ban on the British silly joke has now been repealed.)

Brexeunt omnes.

Hesperado said...

"and if Sweden leaves ..."

SWExit. Sweet.

Richard James said...

I'm an Englishman who voted "Leave" in the Referendum and I voted that way because I saw the European Union as a body acting against the interests of indigenous Europeans like myself and facilitating the Islamisation of Europe. I had other issues with the EU but that was the largest and most urgent one.

I voted the way I did knowing that leaving the EU would carry economic costs both nationally and personally and would cause(necessary)political disruption. I felt it needed to be done both to remove the UK from the mounting disaster that was EU handling of the so-called Refugee crisis and to encourage voters in other EU states to press for their own Referenda and vote "Leave".

It's not that I was or am against a European Federation, it's that I'm against this particular one with its lack of democracy, its contempt for the hopes and aspirations of indigenous Europeans, and most of all its rampant Islamophilia and rampant desire to create a defacto Eurabia.

I hope the peoples of Holland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France, Greece, Spain, all the EU countries, take heart from the result of the British referendum and tear the PC MC Eurocrats' play-house down.

We are constantly mocked here with "you want to build Fortress Europe".
I say "Fortress Europe" in the face of an invasion of barbarians is the correct policy, rather than the EU's "Come and rape Europa".