Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Which Muslims are not Islamic?

My essay title is a question I pose for the Counter-Jihad Mainstream (CJM).

Which Muslims are not Islamic?

The reason I ask the question is because various members of that ill-organized collective (the CJM) imply that there exist such Muslims.

The implication is there whenever the CJM balks at any expression of a zero tolerance for all Muslims (that's all Muslims -- the dreaded A word).

Also, at many various odd moments, a CJMer will blurt out formulations that reflect some kind of taxonomy of Muslims, whereby not all Muslims are "extremists" or "radical" (or whatever other of the many terms one uses to distinguish among Muslims -- Hugh Fitzgerald, for example, writing for that bastion of the CJM, Jihad Watch, seems to approve deeply of Jean-Louis Harouel's taxonomy of Muslims into "deeply convinced or merely docile").

My follow-up question, then, should a CJMer respond to my first question with some permutation of the Moderate Muslim, is this:

How do you determine when a Muslim is not Islamic?

And after that, my final, searingly rhetorical, question:

Would you trust your loved ones to be on a plane with any and every one of those non-Islamic Muslims you believe in?  

We can embellish this rhetorical question for those with little logical imagination:

Imagine your loved one has acquired a dream job that requires them to fly all over the world, on a flight at least twice a month every year, for 20 years -- and on each flight will be at least 5 of the Muslims you believe are not Islamic.  If you had the choice, would you put them on planes with no Muslims at all?  If the answer to that last question is "Yes" then how dare you believe in a taxonomy of Muslims that undermines a zero tolerance for all Muslims?

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Bob!

I just scanned to see what comments you have had. I went back to August 5th and about 10 "essays", I think.

You got me and another anonymous poster, "Thomas Doubting", "Henry", and the rest are 2 or 3 from you and the rest are...

TaDa!!! "Egghead" - a rabidly ant-semitic Mozlem plant on your blog!

Good job there, Bob. Really making a difference!

Egghead said...

Hi David Horowitz (wink!),

I quite like ants! :)

But you are nonsensical!

Jews need to STOP genociding white Western Christians! Perhaps you can help with that....

Egghead said...

The best evidence that David Horowitz (wink!) is a Jewish agent is his continual employment of Alinsky's 'rules' against Hesperado - probably because Hesperado is (unwittingly, I presume) using Alinsky's rules against Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch commenters, etc.

Egghead said...

As far as Hesperado making a difference: the act of allowing freedom of speech IS making a difference.

'The only ones allowed to speak are those with nothing to say. That is your freedom of speech.' --Miles W. Mathis

Egghead said...

Note well that the ONLY alternative to allowing freedom of speech is intentionally bankrupting, jailing, torturing, and/or executing people because some amount of people will speak freely despite any man-made prohibitions.

Exactly what kind of society are YOU promoting David Horowitz (wink!)?