Sunday, September 11, 2016

911 Error: Counter-Jihad Not Found

Once again, the West is slouching toward another 911 anniversary.  One staple of these surreal anniversaries is, as the Counter-Jihad (such as it is) knows, a veritable increase in Denial throughout the mainstream West about the problem of Islam.  Another staple is, about which the Counter-Jihad Mainstream apparently remains oblivious, the Counter-Jihad Mainstream's dogged persistence in upholding a flawed and outdated Operating System from yesteryear.

It seems ages ago when I noted the tenth anniversary (911 X) and how nothing had changed about the three problems -- the primary problem of Islam; the secondary problem of the problem of the West's denial about the primary problem; and the tertiary problem of the problem of the problem of the Counter-Jihad's inadequate methodology.  What has dawned on me is that it's even worse than this.  On all three fronts of all three problems, the situation has only gotten worse.

Muslims pursuing their global revival of Islam through jihad (both violent and stealth) has metastasized, on a trajectory evidently leading to a grand and complex attempt to destroy the West.  That same West, meanwhile, has only ramped up its Denial -- particularly noticeable in this past year as mainstream authotities and analysts continue to insist that every Muslim terrorist who pops up to stab, behead, shoot, explode, or run people over with vehicles has "nothing to do with Islam". 

Most dismaying, perhaps, has been the Counter-Jihad Mainstream, continuing to try to maintain its PC MC cred that it's neither Islamophobic nor bigoted, by insisting in various ways that not all Muslims are jihadists.

Thus Christine Williams, a frequent and regular writer on that bastion of the Counter-Jihad Mainstream, Jihad Watch, recently penned an editorial about the coming anniversary of 911:

Until Western ostriches wake up and recognize that to oppose Islamic supremacism, the worst enemy of human rights and democracy, is not remotely anti-Muslim, but a necessary defense of Western civilization, we will continue to slowly lose our freedoms. 

Not remotely anti-Muslim?  Such an asseveration, coming out of the heart of the Counter-Jihad, here on September 11, 2016, fifteen years after the attack, is deeply dispiriting.

If my readers might think this is only the opinion of Christine Williams, I have not only logic on my side -- that as a frequent and regular writer on Jihad Watch, it is unlikely her views disagree with the views of Robert Spencer, owner and creator of Jihad Watch -- but also the skinny straight from the horse's mouth:

I am not “anti-Muslim,” as I have stated many times. It is not “anti-Muslim” to stand for human rights for all people, including Muslims… 
(Robert Spencer, in a Jihad Watch article, September 17, 2011).

For a fuller discussion of Spencer's asymptotic twitches and spasms, see my two essays -- ...damned if you don't... and ...damned if you do...

Even worse, the motley Civilians of the Counter-Jihad don't seem to care.  I know that if I click on the link of comments to the Christine Williams editorial published yesterday on 911 Eve (September 10), I will find not a single commenter calling bullshit on that.  Indeed, that article should have 500 comments, all clamoring to set Williams straight on that appallingly, and politically correct, claim.

Update (9/12/16):

Well, I nearly fell off my ergonomic chair when I dipped into the comments section of the Christine Williams article and found these two comments:

“Until Western ostriches wake up and recognize that to oppose Islamic supremacism is not remotely anti-Muslim”.

If opposing Islamic supremacism is not anti-Muslims, then why aren’t all Muslims opposing it?
Belief in Islamic supremacism is a necessary part of being a Muslim!
This is spelled out in many verses in the Koran, such as but not limited to, the following:
“Surly the filthiest of animals in Allah’s sight are non-Muslims” (Qur’an 8:55).
Since what it means to be a Muslim is to follow the teachings of the Koran, what could possibly be wrong with anything or anyone being “anti-Muslim”?

I didn't quite slip off the smooth naugahyde of my chair onto the floor, however; since I realized these are only two comments out of 62 (and where are the other hundreds who should have weighed in from among the tens of thousands of Jihad Watch readers...!?), and that neither "nightlight" nor "JawsV" are regulars in the Jihad Watch comments community (much less are they privileged to belong to that lynch-mob-cum-high-school-clique-cum-deputized-volunteer-hall-monitors, the Rabbit Pack) -- unless, perhaps, "nightlight" is one of the regulars, but is too afraid of the aforementioned lynch mob to out him or herself as he or she dares to find fault with Robert Spencer's regular writer Christian Williams...?  At any rate, kudos to nightlight and JawsV.


Egghead said...

The person to whom I write this will know to what I refer:

Those people who willingly accept the mantle of being labeled to be Jews do accept that Jewish mantle because those people 1) receive tangible benefits from being labeled Jews, 2) are willing to entertain certain ideas labeled as Jewish, and 3) are willing to support certain ideas and/or perform certain actions labeled as Jewish to receive tangible benefits at the direct expense of non-Jews.

Ditto for Muslims.

Egghead said...

Said Jewish and Muslim peoples (as only two of many such peoples) hold themselves apart from God and MUST be publicly chastised by Christians for doing so - much as 1) Osama bin Laden and other Muslims have chastised the white Christian West for being non-Muslim, and 2) (presumably racially Jewish) Hillary Clinton chastises 'deplorable' white Western Christians for adhering to Christian beliefs and actions.

The end is near and the time for repentance of Jews and Muslims (amongst others) is at hand.

Egghead said...

Satanic Muslims incorrectly believe that all people are born Muslim and must revert to Islam.

Rather, all people are rebellious sinners who MUST be firmly reprimanded to abandon their sinful ways whether they be called Satanic ways, Jewish ways, Muslim ways, Hindu ways, Buddhist ways, animist ways, atheist ways, etc.

The fulfillment of Christ is the ONLY way to secure the abandonment of sin.

Christ's heirs are Christians who believe in Christ and follow Christ's ways and who reject destructive ways (labeled Jewish, Muslim, etc.)

Here is the KJV Bible summary, but read the entire passage:

'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

'And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.'

Egghead said...

Separate topic:

Yes, Hillary's praetorian guard appears to have left her wide open so that multiple professional and obviously pre-tipped videographers could capture the extent of her health issues. The videos that I saw looked very professional.

Perhaps someone (oops!) messed with her meds to cause the right reaction at the right time?

Egghead said...

As regards Hillary's recent 9-11 health scare, I again draw people's attention to the fact that, less than two weeks ago, a Chinese born, raised and educated man (agent?) merely stupidly shot (but did not kill) the leading (Jewish) New York brain doctor about a mile from Hillary Clinton's house at her favorite deli (which all of the news articles mentioned) - and Hillary has brain problems that are often treated at her home.

Did the Chinese (agent) shoot Hillary's real brain doctor?

Egghead said...

I do wonder if (Jewish) Dr. Charney was 'shot' but not killed so that he could be made available to devote his entire attention to take care of a very ill (racially Jewish) Hillary Clinton as she heads into the stressful final campaign days....

P.S. If it makes anybody feel better, somebody sends low flying helicopters to buzz my home when I write stuff that annoys them....

Egghead said...

As per Miles Mathis and his copious odes to 'faked' history, I do believe that the Jewish owned and run media puts 'codes' or private 'information' in news stories so that Jews understand the 'real' stories without needing to be contacted individually.

When brain Dr. Charney was shot, the articles were sure to tie his shooting to Clinton so that Jews would naturally infer that the two people are related in a pertinent way.