Friday, September 23, 2016

My thoughts on the "problem of Jews"

In the last year or so, I've had a couple of regular commenters deposit comments that imply an anti-Jewish perspective.  Then, more recently, a couple of members of the "Rabbit Pack" from the comments community at Jihad Watch ("graven image" and "Mirren") posted comments objecting to the fact that there were commenters freely depositing such comments -- with the clear implication that I should censor their freedom.  (Even more recently, the most rabid of the Rabbit Pack, "Philip Jihadski" aka "Joe Blow" aka "Anonymous" has reiterated the same talking point with his obtuse hammer.)

I explained in a recent posting my philosophy of comments on my blog (crucially revolving around my respect for utmost freedom of expression) -- The Hesperado policy on comments for Dummies 101.

By pure accident, as I was rummaging around my archives, I noticed a rather lengthy exchange between me and a reader on this topic in one of my comments sections from an article I posted in September of 2008, where, because some reader named "Guessedworker" pressed the point, I expatiated upon the subject (viz., the "problem of the Jews").  My thoughts have not appreciably changed since then.

Note: the above link leads to a very lengthy exchange, oftentimes delving into issues unrelated to the main subject.  The gas begins to cook with my comment time-stamped -- December 18, 2008 at 5:57 PM  (on my comments threads, the time stamps are at the end of the comment in question).

(Also, in January of 2013, I published a posting here on The Hesperado where, in its comments section, I reposted some excerpts and commentary by me on them concerning another reader, "Egghead" (perhaps the main source of consternation among the aforementioned Rabbit Pack), and discussion of this topic of the "problem of Jews" on Gates of Vienna.)


Egghead said...

Hi Hesp, It's going to take me a long while to read and digest your cited comment thread, but I do find it interesting. Would you prefer me to let it rest in its natural state with whomever wanders by, or would you be willing for me to ask others to comment here?

Also, my initial thought is that what you call weakness, Christians call sin - and, yes, white Western Christians, among others, have been very sinful as of late.

Nobody said...

The question about Jews being the problem has occasionally come up, and is driven by a series of observations, which tend to suggest the conclusion that 'Guessedworker' came to:

1. A majority of Jews are left leaning and PCMC, coupled w/ being inately anti-Christian, and therefore picking the Islamic side of the face-off

2. The only people who see the Muslim threat clearly are people on the Right of various faiths, but as far as the West goes, mainly Christian. Ergo, they tend to be opposed by the Jews in 1.) above

3. Result is a perception among some people, especially the ones in 2.), that Jews are natural allies of the Jihadis.

Debbie Schlussel often calls out such Jews as JINOs (and their female ones VaJINOs), since those Jews also support Jihadi campaigns against Israel by Hamas, Hizbullah, Fatah and so on.

In reality, the opposition of most JINOs to Israeli policies, particularly Jewish settlements and the claims over Jerusalem, something unheard of in the 60s to 80s, pretty much busts the claim of people in group 2.) above that it's in the interests of Jews to side w/ the Muzzies. However, the fact that a majority of them in fact do makes that assertion a difficult one to contest.

Hesperado said...

Nobody, your first point is only half of what GuessedWorker was contending: it goes further, from the majority of Jews leaning toward pro-Muslim sentiments, to actually (in dramatic escalation from 1 to 2 to 3) --

1) Jews wanting to destroy the West as it stands through the means of the vehicle of Islamic jihad (as well as Communism)

2) having the power to fulfill the desire in 1

3) actually succeeding thus far in actually doing 1 and 2 (with the logically implicit corollary that the overwhelming majority of Westerners, who are non-Jewish, are just letting this happen, either too stupid to see it, or too cowardly to do anything about it).

Individuals like GuessedWorker and (perhaps) Egghead don't seem content to just hover in the vicinity of your first point ("A majority of Jews are left leaning and PCMC, coupled w/ being inately anti-Christian, and therefore picking the Islamic side of the face-off"), but apparently feel compelled to ratchet that up by zapping its latent potential for monstrous (and monstrously implausible) implications to be unfolded in a grandiose conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

Hesperado: An ideology, in place for at least 1500 years (since the transmission of the Mishna and Gemarra into the Babylonian Talmud), can hardly be brushed aside as a 'conspiracy,' anymore than you would dismiss Islam as a 'conspiracy'. It has already been pointed out that 90% of Sharia derives from Talmudic teachings, that Mohamed's earliest followers were former Rabbis, that (according to Jewish written sources) Jews and Moslems actively worked together through the centuries, at the expense of Christians, that modern media (from the 19th century onwards) is largely owned and operated by Jews (print, online search tools, social media, films, television channels' charters, etc), that most European leaders (Cameron, Merkel, Sarkozy, Schultz, Fischer, etc) are Jewish origin, that anti-free speech legislation has been put into law by lobbying from Jewish organisations (British Board of Jewish Deputies and Jewish Home Secretaries in Britain, LICRA in France, etc), that anti-white immigration acts in the US were conducted and accomplished through Jewish congressmen and senators (Immigration Act 1965) and, above all else, Judaism as an ideology has been, and would be, a massive problem and existential threat even if there were no Moslem presence in the West. I read your debate with Guessed Worker and he rightly pointed out your unwillingness to discuss this issue which puts you in the same position as those who refuse to discuss the ideology of Islam and its relevance, impact and threat on Western peoples and our civilisation.

Hesperado said...


Your argument is a tissue of seemingly unwarranted assumptions and conclusions woven in among facts.


"An ideology, in place for at least 1500 years (since the transmission of the Mishna and Gemarra into the Babylonian Talmud), can hardly be brushed aside as a 'conspiracy,' anymore than you would dismiss Islam as a 'conspiracy'. "

Even if we grant that Jewish ideology is "in place" and uniform across 1500 years, and that this could constitute a lax understanding of "conspiracy", that doesn't mean it rises to the level of verifying that my #2 and #3 scenarios are true.

This kind of unwarranted elision of assumption/conclusion, when woven with many others into a tapestry, lures the reader into increasing acquiescence with the trail of assumptions/conclusions behind him as he reads on; unless he pauses to focus on each one and test its ability to prove my #2 and #3 scenarios (which are not "mine" but are my assessments of what the Jewish conspiracy theorists either posit, or logically imply).

I'll continue when I have more time later on...

Egghead said...

Blah blah blah.

Anon has it right.