Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Multi-Culturalist Caste System

As I've noted many times over the years, Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism (PC MC), that fashionable worldview dominant throughout the mainstream West in our time, is not merely anti-West and anti-white and pro-Other in a general way: It has a hierarchical taxonomy, putting Muslims at the top as the Most Privileged Ethnic Minority to be accorded our utmost respect and deference, and puts white European men at the bottom.

In between these two poles it is less clear how PC MC stratifies various groups.  I'd guess that blacks occupy the #2 tier, with perhaps LGBTQs at #3, then women at #4, Hispanics at #5, etc.  Perhaps at times, these In-Betweeners get shuffled around, according to contexts where PC MC gets wound up in its incoherent logic.  The two poles, however -- Muslims at the top, white Western men at the bottom -- are engraved in eternal stone.  And the acute irony, of course, is that this totem pole is largely the work of white Western men and women.

At any rate, I was reminded of this in the recent story about the Muslim who shot and killed five people at a mall in Washington State this week.  As Robert Spencer noted:

The initial reports about this killer said he was “Hispanic.” From the photos of him that were released, that always seemed to be more politically correct wishful thinking than reality.

Spencer fails to also note, however, how strange it is for political correctness to actually lunge for a "Hispanic" as the culprit, when PC MC otherwise is so respectful of Hispanics (just as that longtime regular Jihad Watch commenter, "Angemon", failed to also note that strangeness when he reminded readers in the comments section of how the PC MC mainstream media threw the Hispanic man George Zimmerman under the bus by calling him a "white man" when he clashed with a young black man -- higher up on the PC MC totem pole).

The strangeness, of course, is clarified when we realize the PC MC totem pole at work.  And over six years ago, in my essay -- Lawrence Auster's First Law of Majority-Minority Relations, and Muslims -- I analyzed why that totem pole stratifies as it does.

Also see my more recent essay:  The new totem pole.

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