Sunday, June 19, 2016

The new totem pole

Well, it's not that new.  It's been de facto for about 15 years, since 911.

As Milo Yannopoulos put it in a recent video press conference in Orlando, Florida in the wake of the terror attack there:

"[The Left] creates a victimhood hierarchy, with Muslims at the top.  Well, the problem with putting Muslims at the top is that they want to kill everyone else on the list."

When I tried to express this concept in Jihad Watch comments a few times (with a refinement of Milo's "Leftists" into "PC MC"), I was pestered and attacked by a long-time Jihad Watch comments regular, "Angemon"; and no one else there, none of the other regulars (and certainly not the Jihad Watch comments "hall monitors", the "Rabbit Pack"), defended me.

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Egghead said...

As we have already seen in several recent USA terrorist attacks, various alphabet agencies are going to actively incite - and materially support - 'born in the USA' Muslims to attack the USA in order to force a resolution of the 'to deport or not to deport 'born in the USA' citizens?' question.

Note that commenter Milhouse declares that the USA cannot deport Omar Mateen's wife because she was born in the USA.

This is a dual pronged attack by the Jewish and Jewish-funded American lawyer and judge full employment program.

1. If the USA cannot deport 'born in the USA' Muslims: White Western Christians can look forward to funding infinite legal representation, trials, appeals, incarceration, and putative rehabilitation for 'born in the USA' Muslim criminals and terrorists - and social services programs for 'orphaned' Muslim children who visit parents in prisons stocked with imams ready to reinforce deviant Muslim 'standards' of behavior.

2. If the USA can deport 'born in the USA' Muslims: Jewish and Jewish-funded lawyers and judges will make the legal argument that the USA can also deport 'born in the USA' white Western Christian criminals and terrorists - including those guilty of hate crimes including hate speech. Many Muslim countries would welcome deported Muslim criminals and terrorists as heroes, but what countries would 'accept' deported white Western Christians? Would those countries simply murder white Western Christians upon arrival?!

Egghead said...

Let's all take a moment to catch up with Jonathan Pollard. Read the Wiki first.

Egghead said...

Pamela Geller: 'If Israel really wanted to spy on the United States, it wouldn't use a Jewish guy.'

Um, what about a Jewish gal?! Wink, wink!

Egghead said...

Evidently, the USA is 'unable' to deport criminal illegal aliens and thus must release them into the USA because their own countries 'refuse' to take them back.

Anonymous said...

Or one could always draw the American public's attention (forget the media, it's been primarily Jewish-owned, in US and Europe for well over a century) to the fact that Israel always refuses to extradite American, Russian and European born Jews who are wanted for, or already found guilt, of crimes in 'their' respective countries. Quite a few 'Russian' Jewish oligarchs, after plundering Russia of billions, decamped for the Fatherland, secure in the knowledge they would be free of legal judgements

As for deportation of Moslems, apart from the fact that deportation has already been done to other groups in US history (Eisenhower and the 'wetbacks', for example), Islamic ideology is essentially seditious regarding any non-Islamic country or state and that has always historically been dealt with though lifetime imprisonment, exile or the death sentence. In Europe, they've done away with it, primarily to protect the EU totalitarian regime and the reason for protests against the death penalty in the US, despite emotional arguments, is really about protecting those in authority from the eventual just retribution of the people.

Anonymous said...

The Russophobe angemon must be put in is place. And his group of graveimage, DFD, wellinton westcanadian must be too.