Monday, October 31, 2016

Maajid Nawaz is a "Freedom Fighter" according to Robert Spencer

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In my most recent posting, Damned if you do, demonized if you don't, I noted how Robert Spencer has not been doing his due diligence as a Counter-Jihad Luminary in addressing in depth & detail the "Better Cop" Muslims, such as Maajid Nawaz among others.

I also noted that more recently, he blurted out at least something about Nawaz, in the context of a recent hit list put out by the Southern Poverty Law Center in which they shine a harsh spotlight on 13 supposed Islamophobes (Nawaz among them, as well as Robert Spencer himself and his longtime ally, Pam Geller): for working with moderate Muslims, for 13 years Jihad Watch has contained this invitation: “Any Muslim who renounces violent jihad and dhimmitude is welcome to join in our anti-jihadist efforts.” It is Nawaz (as well as other moderates) who has attacked me, in what appears to have been a cynical attempt to gain support for himself among Muslims; I never attacked him, and would have have been happy to work with him otherwise.

This is a typical Spencerism -- deficient in critical analysis of the problem of Nawaz, while petulant that Nawaz doesn't want to work with Spencer.

And as I wrote:

"Spencer just doesn't get it.  Nawaz didn't attack Spencer as a "a cynical attempt to gain support for himself among Muslims"; he did, and does similar things, as a cynical attempt to gain support for himself among Counter-Jihadists -- notably Sam Harris and his fan club -- who are more anxiously concerned about the PC MC Mainstream's disfavor even than Spencer is."

Now in a new post on Jihad Watch calling on readers to sign a petition against the Southern Poverty Law Center's hit list, Spencer even goes so far as to call that pseudo-Reformer snake, Maajid Nawaz, a "freedom fighter".

That's precisely the Counter-Jihad cred Nawaz craves -- and receives -- from dupes like Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Douglas Murray -- and now, Robert Spencer.

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