Saturday, November 12, 2016

An "old lady" at Jihad Watch comments has more sense than most

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There's a commenter on Jihad Watch who, as far as I can tell, has been commenting there for quite a while (maybe a year or two) but is no match in veteran longevity to any of the members of that high-school-clique-cum-lynch-mob-of-"hall-monitors" I have dubbed the Rabbit Pack.

The commenter  I refer to calls herself "linnte".  In one of her comments, she describes herself thusly:

I am an old woman who wants to keep my grandkids SAFE, and I would take a bullet for them.

Elsewhere in that same thread, attached to an article on how the mainstream news media outlet, CNBC, is anxiously worried that a Trump victory will "enrage" jihadists, commenter linnte got into a minor (but very significant) skirmish against one of the members of the Rabbit Pack, one "PRCS".

The bone of contention began when linnte ramped up the stakes:

I am tired of the rhetoric. Let the wild rumpus begin! Now is just as good as any time to start this real physical war against Islam. We ARE at war with Islam! Because Islam is at war with FREEDOM. So for all you supporters of Islam out there, WE ARE READY! Bring it on!

The stolidly mainstream PRCS had to make sure his wet blanket was applied, sounding more like a State Dept. Counter-Terrorist Expert Analyst than a Counter-Jihadist:

No, we are NOT at war with Islam.
Islam is an ideology, not a nation state.
While they may believe they are at war with we “filthy unbelievers”, we don’t have to play along.
Any criminal act committed on our soil (including our embassies)–regardless of who the perp is–is just that: a crime.

linnte responded to this specious point with a most apposite reply predicated on an excruciatingly reasonable fact:

It isn’t OUR perception of whether Islam is a “State” or not, it’s THEIR perception that counts. You may not be at war with what you think is an imaginary Islamic State, but they are at war with us. And that is the bottom line. Ignoring a viper in the room doesn’t make it invisible. It will kill you even if you don’t acknowledge it’s presence.

PRCS, his obtuseness unperturbed, barrels full steam ahead:

We, as a nation, do not go to war with ideologies.
We declared war against the German government during WWII; not Nazism.

linnte, undaunted, showed she knew her stuff:

You still don’t get the point. There are 1.6 BILLION Muslims that comprise the Umma. THAT MY FRIEND is a Nation. And THEY recognise that Nation Umma even if you don’t. You are still sleeping!

PRCS, being a bag of rocks, stood his ground:

No, lintte, YOU don’t get the point.
The global umma is not a nation state, but a borderless, religious construct.
That Muslims believe it is a nation means nothing in international relations and law.
YOU are buying into THEIR belief.


Notice, by the way, how PRCS is using the same rhetoric that the Leftists and Muslim apologists use whenever Westerners become too anti-Islam in their language:  "You're just like the extremists" -- or in his hamfisted way of putting it:  YOU are buying into THEIR belief.  (Notice how the ever sharp linnte even addresses this point, and adds to it, in the last paragraph quoted below.)

No, Mr. PRCS; what we are doing is taking their fanaticism seriously, the better to defend ourselves from the actual enemy as we can know it, Sun-Tzu-style; not some fantasy enemy whom we oblige ourselves to refashion (and conveniently minimize) according to some preconceived template.

And, of course, none of the other members of the Rabbit Pack -- gravenimage, Mirren, dumbledoresarmy, Wellington, Western Canadian, Phillip Jihadski (or "Joe Blow"), Angemon, mortimer, JayBoo -- saw fit to lend a hand to the brave old woman in her moment of need.  Probably because, being Softies themselves (the worst kind of Softy: the kind that pretends to be oh-so-tough), they agree with PRCS.  On checking the thread again, I notice gravenimage in her customary way lending PRCS a reproof so mild and tangential, she might as well have just said nothing.

Meanwhile, I see that linnte has had the last word (let us hope, since none of the JW veterans seem good for situations like this).  The last word comes in two final comments by her which I post below as one long comment.  One forgives her occasional misspellings, for the substance is surely sterling gold:

I give [up]. If you can’t understand that it doesn’t matter what you, me and the rest of the world think, and that what matters is what they think, then there is no sense in debating the problem. All I know is what I learned as an RN. And I will leave you with this little example.
I had a patient who was in liver failure from alcoholism. She was dying yet very awake and strongly dilusional. She was convinced she was in the hospital for the birth of her first baby and she held that baby tight, not letting anyone near it. In truth, there was no swaddled baby. After my assessment of her and my other patients, I gathered meds for each person and made my rounds again. When I entered my dilusional patients room, she was sleeping, so I gently touched her shoulder to waken her for her med. She woke with a start and started screaming, then she looked on the floor by her bedside and screamed even louder. Her “baby” had fallen on the floor. I gently pretended to pick up her child and put the baby back into her arms.
My point is, you cannot argue with a dilusion. That NATION exists for Muslims, and that is what counts.

The point is, if we do not recognise this war from THEIR perspective, we cannot be prepared to fight them, either physically or philosophically. It’s like Obama NOT saying Radical Islamic Terrorist. Naming is very important. And so is letting the enemy know that YOU know where they are coming from.


Egghead said...

The nation state of Islam is represented by the OIC that easily dominates the United Nations.

The Islamic plan has been and is to conquer France via Islam to achieve a vote on the Security Council.

Egghead said...

Christian radio reported today that 'refugees' in Europe are demanding that all public signs be posted and services (i.e., tests) be offered in Arabic. Nota bene that Arabic is the language of the ummah, the nation state of Islam.

Egghead said...

Read here with particular attention to Chris' summary at the end:

Again, to all non-whites and non-Christians, I stress that it is going to be in your own best interests moving forward to make it 100% clear that you support white Western Christians in white Western countries - unless you want a hot civil war that leads to you living in a third world country by 1) making the West into a third world country, or 2) being deported back to whatever third world country from whence you or your ancestors came.

Nota bene that white Western Christians have ALREADY bent over backwards to support non-whites and non-Christians in the USA, and we have noticed a distinct lack of reciprocity - let alone gratitude.