Friday, November 11, 2016

Sam and Ayaan, part 3

See part one for a detailed introduction (and part two for further discussion).

This is a continuation of my impressions on a podcast conversation between Sam Harris and Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

About halfway into the podcast, Sam asks Ayaan on her thoughts about the European "migrant" crisis.  She answers:

I'm following events there, especially in Germany right now, and what I see is that there is, on the side of the establishment -- the institutions of government, such as the police, the courts, but also the press -- there is this mad idea, in my view completely mad idea, that if you call things by their name -- immigrant men come in, and they go out in groups and they harrass young girls and they rape women, and there ... are cases of young boys being raped as well, that if they report honestly on that, that somehow they're going to create a context of mass racism against immigration and against these immigrants.  But I think you have to split the two issues: You have to fight racism and prejudice wherever it turns up its ugly head.  But it's also... these men come from cultures that are prejudiced against women.  And just because they cross the German border, it doesn't mean that they immediately become German.  They bring with them those attitudes and customs and values and outlook on the status and position of women.  So you cannot sacrifice the rights of women and the children, in order to hold onto this false and dangerous ideology of multiculturalism -- which is not working!  It has failed!  Everywhere where it's been applied, it's failed completely.  It hasn't stopped racism.  There are more people today in Germany who are anti-immigrant, because of the self-censorship... and because of multiculturalism.  And if we were to discuss these issues honestly, and then educate the young men who come from these cultures on the rights of women, how are they ever supposed to integrate or assimilate into that society if you cannot discuss the fact that they are... I mean, if a victim of rape is now pretending that it was German men who did it, how on earth are you going to correct this? [bold emphasis added]

A couple of things are problematic about this thought process Ayaan is going through.

First, she refers to our need to "call things by their name" unlike the PC MC mainstream; and yet in this long passage she avoids the most pertinent term, Muslims, and uses, instead, the term "immigrants".  How many problems has Europe been having from Middle Eastern Christian immigrants, for example; or Hindu immigrants from India; or non-Muslim Asian immigrants...?  She is effectively denigrating all the non-Muslim immigrants who have not been causing the inordinate trouble which the Muslims ones have -- and twists this further into un-self-aware irony, couching it in terms of "calling things by their name" while proceeding to avoid the pertinent name in this regard.  This hypocritical "calling things by their name" stance echoes Maajid Nawaz and his "Voldemort effect" -- see my essay, Does not compute: The Sam Harris/Maajid Nawaz "Conversation".  With Maajid, we can reasonably assume he is doing this slyly on purpose; with Ayaan and Sam, it is evident they are doing this out of that curious mixture of starry-eyed naivetĂ© and semi-conscious anxiety that typifies the Counter-Jihad Mainstream.  The former (Maajid) massaging & manipulating the latter (Sam and Ayaan).

Secondly, after Ayaan describes (without, as we said, actually "naming the thing" directly) the effects & failure of multiculturalism in being able to grapple with the problem of Muslim inundation of our societies, she segues seamlessly into the Western obligation to "educate" these Mohammedans in order to help them to "assimilate".   In that stream of thought, she has elided from the failure of multicuturalism to be "honest" about the problem, into her solution for this failure: not to expel Muslims, but to continue admitting their metastasizing influx and hope that "educating" them will solve this growing problem.

Ayaan's dream all hinges on whether it's realistic,  Given what we know about Islamic history, culture and psychology, however, it's Muslim Roulette she and Sam are playing with our great grandchildren's future. 

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