Monday, November 21, 2016

Mincing Counter-Jihad

Rather than embarking upon making mincemeat of Jihad, we are boldly mincing words, dipping our big toe into the tepid waters of critical rhetoric so timid as to sound ludicrous.

Now, many in the Counter-Jihad Mainstream would argue that this situation -- of being ludicrously timid in our counter-Jihad rhetoric -- is forced upon us; and that we should be as grateful for it as starving beggars under a table who, at long last, after years of aching penury, have felt the pleasant micro-concussions of dried bread crumbs fall upon their heads; and that these crumbs augur robust hope as we sail gloriously away from the Obama nightmare into a halcyon sunrise of Destroying Islam.

Not so quick.  Have we really turned our Titanic around so as to be surely clear of all the threatening icebergs, including not only the bĂȘte noire du jour, ISIS, but also the mainstream Islam of all Muslims; including not only "extremist Islamists" but also the Moderate Muslims in our midst who lurk, seemingly benign, beneath the icily placid waters -- or, more often, smile in the sunshine on deck fully Westernized just wanting to have sandwiches?

Be that as it may, here is what Reince Preibus, Trump's incoming Chief of Staff, had to say about the problem of Islam:

“Clearly there are some aspects of that faith that are problematic and we know them; we’ve seen it.” 

That's like saying in 1942 about German Nazism:

“Clearly there are some aspects of that ideology that are problematic and we know them; we’ve seen it.”

Even that doesn't quite capture the full, monstrous preposterousness.  Let's ratchet it up, shall we...?  Imagine a government science committee chairman announcing seriously, without a trace of satire:

“Clearly there are some aspects of the Sun that are a bit toasty, and we know them; we’ve seen it.”

Or, to come back down with a whomp into the blessed sense of humor, imagine this official statement -- again, utterly serious -- about the Emperor Who Has No Clothes On:

“Clearly there are some aspects of the Emperor's regal attire that are badly tailored, and we know them; we’ve seen it.” 


And of course, Priebus had to hasten anxiously to add:  “It certainly isn’t a blanket for all people of that faith...”   

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Egghead said...

Funny how that word 'problem' always appears in politics leading to world war....

All people who worship psychotic people ARE a problem, and Priebus' subconscious knows it.

Take the negative word 'not' out of his quotation to see how he really feels.

Western leaders well and truly know the truth about Islam, despite their public face. After all, leaders always have access to more and better cumulative data than the common man.