Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Milo on Islam: Part 1


How to describe Milo Yannopoulos?  Bright, witty, flamboyant, smug, often snarky, charismatic, well spoken in a glibly tripping sort of way, impudently gay, and -- most important of all -- unapologetically a steamroller firing on all cylinders against Political Correctness.

Because of that last quality, because he really means it, he was naturally pro-Trump.

In one You Tube interview with some BBC journalist, about eleven minutes long, he is asked about a lot of subjects, and for the first five minutes he excels.

Just shy of the threshold of the five minute mark, the journalist asks Milo:

"Let me ask you in your own words, because you... accuse people of putting words into your mouth or taking things out of context or not recognizing humor when it's there:  What is  your view on Islam?"

At that point, jaded and embittered over the years by critics of Islam -- even those otherwise quite politically incorrect -- who turn out to have various nougaty soft spots beneath their seeming bluster against Islam, I had to click an indefinite pause on the video and catch my breath, my left eye from long experience tremoring and flinching like that of Chief Inspector Dreyfus looking up from his desk to see Inspector Clouseau enter his office in his bumbling way nearly tipping over a precious vase.

When I can gather my nerve and stamina, I shall click the resume button on the video, and prepare myself to fall off my chair in astonishment when -- or if -- Milo actually answers the question without any of the typical loopholes one sees time and time again from various Counter-Jihadists.

Or, more likely, I shall have to slump more deeply into the morose leather of my chair for yet another in a long line of disappointing, close but no cigar moments.

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