Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Milo on Islam, part 2


In part 1, I left the reader hanging on the title topic, since I left off watching the interview with Milo Yannopoulos on purpose (I explained why there).

Well, it was both pleasantly surprising, though not as ideal as it could have been.  In the BBC interview in question, Milo in answering the question put to him ("What is your view on Islam?") made four good points:

1) After noting (accurately) that Trump has expressed himself on this matter with "varying degrees of firmness", Milo went on to say:  "I would be very comfortable with a halt on Muslim immigration."  Notice the lack of softening qualifiers like "radical Muslims" or (worse yet) "radical Islamist extremists", etc.

2)  "It isn't 'radical Islam' -- it's Islam that is the problem."

3)   "...the regressive social attitudes of Muslims in the West are terrifying -- absolutely terrifying..."

4)  "...organizations like yours [the BBC] won't report it honestly, accurately, or fairly; so it's left to other places to do it.  And then what you do -- once you fail to report it -- is accuse people who are concerned (with some justification) about the changing nature of their culture -- not race -- in their countries, is you then accuse them of being 'white nationalists'.  That's pretty disgusting."

The only flaw in Milo's responses -- which may have been due to the context unavailing him of fleshing out his full perspective on the matter -- is that he left out the crucial dimension of the ongoing, protracted war Muslims are waging on the West; an asymmetrical world war of multifarious tactics including a combination of violence and stealth; a war that will not end until the West is reduced to generalized mayhem and misery, or unless the West wakes up in time to preempt this dire outcome.  And such a preemptive stance will likely have to entail more than a mere halt to immigration, to include also a deportation of Muslims.


In the context of their discussion on Islam, the BBC reporter asked Milo:  "Are you a white nationalist?"  Milo took offense at the question, which he rightly called out as a veiled accusation.  The BBC reporter hastened to try to clarify:

"Let me be clear, I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just asking --"

Milo shot back:

"You asked me if I was a 'white nationalist'..."

The BBC reporter stood his spongy ground:

"It's a question, not an accusation..."

Milo did not relent:

"Would you ask anyone that? Would you go randomly ask, 'Hi Madam, we've never met before -- are you a white nationalist...?'  No.  You're doing it because you want to suggest there is something nefarious about my belief system..."


Egghead said...

Hi Hesp, Interesting pieces about Milo.

I found a commenter named Gubbler Chechenova on AmRenn where he (?) wrote an incredible comment under the article about the musical Hamilton. It is well worth looking up his comment - which again is absolutely incredible!


I really recommend that readers take the effort to look up his Hamilton comment which handily synthesizes the strategy being used to conquer the West.

I think that he (?) writes under the moniker Midgardian as well, and he writes an essay that refutes your (past) argument that immigrants are ok as long as they as non-Muslim immigrants.


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Here's the answer as to WHY the Alt Right is under attack:


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