Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pat Condell: boldly talking about the Camel in the Room -- without actually mentioning it.

Pat Condell's latest video, once you pause, sit back and think about his rhetoric, would make an interesting literary gimmick in, perhaps, a Eugene Ionesco play or one of those surreal short stories by Jorge Luis Borges.  I speak of the curious cognitive dissonance that dawns on one as one watches this ten minutes of a spirited harangue against the veritably Biblical (or Koranic) Flood of so-called refugees into the heart of the West, Europe and the UK.  What becomes oddly noticeable is how often Condell avoids the I and M words ("Islam") and ("Muslims") and substitutes instead various demeaning epithets, such as "criminals", "savages", "animals", "backward barbarians", etc. -- often qualified by "Third World".

Indeed, his opening words are:

"This video is for all you Third World criminals who are flooding into Europe by pretending to be refugees."

A longer example comes later, as he is addressing, as his title indicates, the "Criminal Migrant":

"The police and media, too, will conspire to keep your depravity hidden from the general population -- until it hits them squarely in the face; as it does now frequently in wide open Sweden, the rape capital, thanks to you.  Earlier this year, it was reported that nearly half of Sweden's women are afraid to go out on their own after dark, because... well, we're not really supposed to say what the reason is, as that would be 'racist' toward the lawless human vermin like you who are assaulting and raping Swedish women -- and children.  Everyone in Sweden is so terrified of being a 'racist', you can do what you like.  You can gang-rape a woman in a wheelchair for hours, as happened just recently, and the police will let you go, because they're not convinced she fought back hard enough -- what with being paralyzed with shock and fear...  and then when local people get angry about this, Leftists and feminists will organize a demonstration against their 'racism'.  You can't lose!  If you're wanted for a crime in Sweden, which no doubt you will be, nobody will be able to identify you.  The police don't like to issue a description of wanted criminals, because it will almost always be somebody who likes you, and that would paint a truthful picture of mass Third World immigration that the Swedish government doesn't want people to see, because then even the docile Swedes might start to realize just how comprehensively they and their country have been betrayed.  [bold emphasis added]

That's a whole lot of words about Muslims without once mentioning "Muslim" or "Islam"...!  And it's not like anywhere else in his 10 minute video he makes clear that the problem is all about Muslims and their Islam, and nothing to do with non-Muslim Third World immigrants.

Condell does at one point mention "Pakistan" (twice; which at least is a hint as to the demographic he's otherwise so strenuously failing to specify).

Condell also hammers home a bit too much the simplistic complaint that these (Muslim) immigrants are merely "stupid" -- too stupid to comprehend our superior civilization -- and on top of that "ungrateful" as backward barbarians to appreciate the benefits of our civilization which we're trying to lavish on them (undeservedly).  While it may feel good to vent about them being stupid and backward, such venting tends to trivialize the danger by obscuring the deeper more important phenomenon going on, of a veritable jihad by immigration ("Jihad of the Feet" as I call it), to supplement all the other styles of jihad deployed by various other Muslims against us -- many of them not at all backward but quite Westernized in appearance and manner.

One Jihad Watch commenter speculated (as they often do, whenever this important sub-problem comes up) that Condell is more or less forced to walk on eggshells around the pertinent point because of the hypersensitive "hate speech" laws of the UK.  If this is so, it highlights a most curious phenomenon -- that someone can vehemently rail against "Third World savages" and "vermin" for 10 long minutes, but must be ever so chary about using the M and I words while doing so, let he call too much attention to the only pertinent fact about these immigrants -- their Muslim identity and culture.

Thus, our PC MC Mainstream cultivates (and indirectly enforces) a climate -- a twist on Lawrence Auster's "First Law of Majority/Minority Relations") that throws lesser minorities under the bus to spare the #1 Minority of the World:  The Mother of All OthersThe precious Muslim.

Some Jihad Watch toadies who slavishly praise Pat Condell and sick their hall monitors on anyone who, by introducing critical thought, might dare to deviate from their lockstep approval, might protest that Condell doesn't have to broadcast who he's really talking about (Muslims), as everyone already knows (wink, wink).  Well, sure, the Choir to whom Condell is preaching know (or infer) that when he's repeatedly wielding around various vague epithets like "savages" and "criminals" and "Third World" "vermin", he's only referring to Muslims.  But that vast majority outside of the still small Counter-Jihad are not going to be so clear, and may well reasonably assume he's against Third World immigrants in general.  At his climax near the end, for example, he says:

"That's some reputation you've got yourselves there, but nobody can say you haven't earned it -- you and that rancid rape culture of yours a million times over."

But since he has only mentioned "Muslims" once, and "Islam" not at all -- meanwhile showering the audience with otherwise robust yet generic insults of these "criminal migrants", only the Choir and a few others may know that he is, or should be, only talking about Muslims.  And also, his obsession in this video with "migrants" has the effect of excluding from his ire all those millions of already resident Muslims throughout Europe and the UK.

To top it off, toward the end of his sermon to his Choir, he injects a boost of premature optimism about this dreadful, still metastazing problem with no end in sight:

"Well, the good news for us, and the bad news for you, is that this is all going to end soon -- because people have had enough of it now, and they've had enough of you.  Your greatest error is mistaking European generosity for weakness, because that's the impression that you've been given by the current crop of bedwetters, shysters, and crooks who run things here.  But they won't be running things for very much longer, because so many people in Europe are sick to death of you and want you gone.  People who welcome immigration and who are happy to live in a genuine multicultural society of mutual enrichment and mutual respect, have realized that your presence here makes that completely impossible, and that as long as you are here, it will remain impossible.  So millions of people in Europe who once were tolerant and welcoming of you, now don't want you anywhere near them -- and especially anywhere near their children."

This way too rosy picture Condell paints is as much a morale-booster from a sergeant to his men (who agree with him) as it is preaching to the Choir, using rhetoric that makes it sound like "Okay, we've had enough of you now, your time is soon over" -- where he seems to locate most (if not all) of the blame of this Muslim-coddling situation on our Elites:  "the current crop of bedwetters, shysters, and crooks who run things here" (elsewhere "treacherous, cowardly politicians") -- as though there doesn't still remain the thorny problem of most Westerners still squeamishly disinclined to be "bigoted" against Muslims and still responding to too much criticism of Islam with "but not all Muslims are like that" and "I know some nice Muslims" quickly going down the road of "do you hate all Muslims?" and "do you want to kill all Muslims?" etc.

 As I said up top, it's an odd, paradoxical experience watching this Pat Condell diatribe, where he forcefully pummels his target whilst simultaneously pulling his punches.


Egghead said...

Do you see how the Jewish framing of the 'problem' is getting away from the Jews?

I myself 'used to would have' agreed with you that it was just Muslims who were the problem, but now I think that it is ALL non-white non-Christian people who are the problem in white Western Christian countries because:

1) An initially small percentage of non-white non-Christians has 'required' a 100% overhaul of the legal system to excessively disfavor the originally larger percentage of white Western Christians. Via discrimination law made at the request of and for the benefit of non-white non-Christians, unelected (!) people have 'celebrated' anal sex by coercing small town Christian cake bakers to 'celebrate' anal sex via the threat of bankruptcy and incarceration.

2) Non-white non-Christians have been and are being aggressively imported to fill the important educated trades of medicine, computer science, and law (leading to politician and judgeship roles within one generation of immigration) in lieu of white Western Christians. Why should white Western Christians 'celebrate' the foreign governors of Louisiana and South Carolina over the white Western Christians who should have filled those roles for the benefit of white Western Christians? It's just two more high paid jobs given to non-white non-Christians in lieu of white Western Christians - just two more lost chances for white Western Christian leaders to gain state experience in preparation for the national stage. Would Indians or Chinese people allow - or elect - white Christian immigrant children to rule large important areas of Hindu India or Communist China?

3. Easily, demonstrably, a very large percentage of upper middle class non-white non-Christians are dual citizens - with rather more than simply 'divided' loyalties - who act as agents and spies for foreign powers who are literally diametrically opposed to white Western Christian interests.

4. Non-white non-Christians purposely promote their own peoples' interests over white Western Christian interests and purposely outbreed white Western Christians in order to increase non-white non-Christian political power.

Why should white Western Christians 'celebrate' the replacement, disenfranchisement, and genocide of white Western Christians by any Third Worlders (including but NOT limited to Muslims)?

Do you truly believe that white Western Christians should 'celebrate' their replacement, disenfranchisement, and genocide by hordes of low IQ non-Muslim Africans or high IQ Asians - instead of Muslims?

Your logical argument is falling apart faster than the white Western civilization that was built by and for white Western Christians.


And remember well that I used to be the most PC MC white Western Christian that you'd ever meet....

Egghead said...

In other words, you show an intrinsic bias against the surviving and thriving of white Western Christians that you should examine.

Is it really all the same to you if white Western Christians are disappeared from this earth - just by peoples other than Muslims?!