Saturday, December 03, 2016

Bob and Andy on the outs again...?

Robert Spencer (the "Bob" of my title) has notoriously burned bridges with fellow Counter-Jihadists.  As I recounted in an essay from this past summer, The Counter-Jihad, working together as a team... -- a sarcastic title, of course -- the road to waking the West up is littered with the bones of others:

Far from working together as a team, you have Robert Spencer burning bridges with old colleagues whom he previously praised (e.g., Diana West, Baron Bodissey, Andrew Bostom, Hugh Fitzgerald -- the last two belatedly welcomed back to the Jihad Watch family after years of wintry exclusion; though Jihad Watch seems to have been strangely Bostomless after a brief splash of a reunion in the spring of 2013)...

I should add the name of Debbie Schlussel there, though I don't know what the details are and whether there was ever a honeymoon period during which Spencer praised her work, only to turn around and knife her in the back.

At any rate, as I mention there, Bob and Andy (Spencer and Bostom) did have a reunion in the spring of 2013, prompting me at the time to allude cheekily to the Lennon and McCartney thaw in the years prior to the former's tragic murder, after rumors of a rift between them.

As I also note above, Jihad Watch has been oddly devoid of Andrew Bostom since that seeming reunion of 2013.

Now we see a sign of Spencer either obtusely incognizant of Bostom's position on Turkey, or ignoring it on purpose (reminding us of the last time Bob slighted Andy, in 2010).

Thus, in editorializing on the Tunisian president's claim that Islam and democracy can be made compatible in a working relationship, Spencer writes:

This will be a tall order, given that the only stable, functioning democracy that has ever existed in a majority-Muslim country was in Turkey, and that one was founded as a direct and explicit rejection of political Islam, and is being slowly and steadily dismantled by an authoritarian ruler who believes in political Islam.

Has Robert not read Andrew's lengthy and detailed exposure of the myth of Secular, Democratic (and thus, un-Islamic) Turkey, published July of this year?  Not only that, but the seeds of Andrew's revision of our collective mistaken impression of Turkey began back in 2013 at the very "reunion" of Robert and Andrew! On that occasion, Robert hosted a long discussion with Andrew on ABN TV, and during that discussion, Andrew points out in numerous and complex ways how 20th century Turkey was not as free of Islam as the conventional understanding makes it out to be.

It's another sign of the incoherence of the Counter-Jihad that Robert would, this week, yet again reiterate (and reinforce) the flawed conventional understanding of Turkey.


Plus, notice how Robert uses that trope "political Islam" -- as if Islam anywhere on this planet is not already indissolubly and essentially political.  As if when any and every Muslima wears a hijab, she is not being essentially political.  As if when any and every Muslim simply goes about their daily business in the West, they are not being political.

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